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  1. 1. The Historically-culturally significant linguistic migration group that eventually impacted most of the southern half of the African continent was the:
    a. Khoisan
    b. Austronesian
    c. Bantu
    d. Swahili
    e. Mutapa
  2. 2. One of the earliest city-states commercial ports to develop on the coast of East Africa
    a. Kongo
    b. Killwa
    c. Benin
    d. Ife
    e. Songhai [Songhay]
  3. 3. All of the following EXCEPT___ were great kingdoms of Northwest/ Sahelian Africa
    a. Songai [Songhay]
    b. Mali
    c. Zimbabwe
    d. Ghana
    e. Kanem-Bornu
  4. 4. Independent nomads of the Sahara who eventually controlled much of the trans-Saharan trade [also known as 'The Blue People']
    a. Berbers
    b. Swahilis
    c. Gaos
    d. Mansa Musa
    e. Tauregs
  5. 5. 'Coasters' or 'Coastal Dwellers' who became a distinct cultural-lingusistic blend of Africans and Arabs and eventually dominated all [Eastern] costal trade, including slaving
    a. Zanj
    b. Simbabwen
    c. Abbasids
    d. Swahili
    e. Tauregs
  6. 6. The only African country in which ancient [Coptic] Christianity was successful and became sufficiently entrenched to withsdand the later wave of Islamic influence.
    a. Ethiopia
    b. Zanzibar
    c. Zimbabwe
    d. Mali
    e. Congo
  7. 7. After a 40 year vacancy, Pope John XII named ___ as the second Western 'Roman Emperor' for his military defense of the Church from Eastern migrating tribes
    a. Clovis
    b. Gregory VII
    c. Henry IV
    d. Louis the Pious
    e. Otto I
  8. 8. Through it's history, the so-called Holy Roman empire was dominated by ___ medieval states
    a. Italian
    b. German
    c. Viking
    d. French
    e. English
  9. 9. IN 1066 William the Conqueror, Duke of ___, Invaded and took control of England
    a. Swabia
    b. Brittany
    c. Saxony
    d. Normandy
    E. Denmark
  10. 10. The Hanseatic League controlled medieval trade in the
    a. Black Sea
    b. Baltic Sea
    c. Adriatic Seak
    d. Eastern Mediterranean Sea
    e. Western Mediterranean Sea
  11. 11. Medieval Mediterranean Trade was dominated by ___, which rivaled Genoa
    a. Ravenna
    b. Rome
    c. Venice
    d. Syracuse
    e. Danzig
  12. 12. The ethical and behavioral Code of Mdieval knighthoood was called
    a. Wattle & Daub
    b. Manorialism
    c. Fudalism
    d. Yeomanry
    e. Chivalry
  13. 13. Guilds in Medieval Europ were
    a. Orders of knighthood dedicated to freeing the Holy Land
    b. Organizations of artisans
    c. collectives of money lenders
    d. Class of traveling poets, minstrels, entertainers, story tellers
    e. Teams of knights engaged in competitive joustingevents
  14. 14. the lingua franca of medieval Europ academics and education was
    a. Greek
    b. Latin
    c. French
    d. German
    e. Hebreq
  15. 15. The Fourth Crusade was Significant for it's conquest and destruction of
    a. Cairo
    b. Edessa
    c. Constantinople
    d. Jerusalem
    e. Aleppo
  16. 16. The first Major Imperial state of Meso-America was that of ___.
    a. Mexica
    b. Olmecs
    c. Toltecs
    d. Maya
    e. Cuzco
  17. 17. Cuzco was the capital of the ___ Empire
    a. Toltec
    b. Myan
    c. Aztec
    d. Moche
    e. Inca
  18. 18. The prinsiple animal source of protien in the settlement and social order of Oceania was
    a. Pigs
    b. Goats
    c. Sheep
    d. Cattle
    e. Chickens
  19. 19. If Professor e. was drawn as a cartoon he would best be captured as:
    a. The Pillsburry Dough Boy
    b. Hoper Simpson
    c. Mr. Clean
    d. Elmer Fudd
    e. The Michelin Tire Man
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