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  1. 1. THe primary obstacle to increased European Trade with Asia in teh 13-15th centuries was:
    a. The high price of silk
    b. Moslem control of teh middle trade route
    c. mongol control of China
    d. Low European demand for Asian goods and spices
    e. Venetian control of the Mediterranean trade
  2. 2. The Brimary Challenger to Venice's control of Mediterranean trade was:
    a. The Hanseatic League
    b. The Byzantine Empire
    c. The Black Plague
    d. The Vatican
    e. The City-State of Genoa
  3. Which of the following Travelers entered the service of Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan for several years
    a. Marco Polo
    b. Raban Sauma
    c. Ibn Battuta
    d. John of Montecorvino
    e. Benjamin of Tudela
  4. 4. The foreign Mongol 'Yuan' Dynasty rule of China was succeeded by the native Chinese ___ Dynasty
    a. Song
    b. Han
    c. Tan
    d. Ming
    e. Ch'ing
  5. 5. Spain was willing to finance Columbus's schemes of establising a shortcut to Asia by sailing West in part because of the debts it had incurred in association with the
    a. Renaissance
    b. Reconquista
    c. Inquisition
    d. Crusades
    e. Supression of Christian heresies on behalf of the Vatican
  6. 6. The Porrtuguese settled the uninhabited island of Madeira, the Azores, Canaries and Cape Verde- which they discovered- largly to
    a. Mine for gold
    b. To convert the native populations to Christianity
    c. To develope banana plantations
    d. As staging grounds for raiding Africa for slaves
    e. To develope sugarcane plantations
  7. 7. Portugal gained advatage in exploration, conquest and trade by developing the sailing technology associatedd witht he pictured ship; known as a:
    a. Dhow
    b. Gally
    c. Junk
    d. Galleon
    e. Caravel
  8. 8. Confirmation that the world was round and could be sailed continuously East-West or West-East was made by the voyage of ___, who died during the expedition
    a. Captain James Cook
    b. Sir Francis Drake
    c. Ferdinand Magellan
    d. Henry Hudson
    e. Vitus Bering
  9. 9.The Duch VOC [East India Company] established their main Asian trading post on the island of
    a. Java
    b. Mindanao
    b. Hawaii
    c. Luzon
    e. Malaka
  10. 10. Russia established its presence in and control over siberia through forced settlement of
    a. Samoyed Natives
    b. Anabaptists
    c. Tartars
    d. Convicts & Political Dissenters
    e. Volga Germans
  11. 11. The so-calld 'Columbian Exchange' brought all of the following pathogens from the 'old world' [Europ] to the 'new world' [ the Americas] EXCEPT:
    a. Smallpox
    b. Typhus
    c. Diphtheria
    d. Syphilis
    e. Measles
  12. 12. In the eaarly sages of exploration and settlement, the Frenc, English and Duch rivaled each other in North America- in alliances wit native confederations - largely seeking to control the drade in
    a. Sugar
    b. Beaver Pelts
    c. Silver
    d. Cod Fish
    e. Salt
  13. 13. The seven Years War left England as the master of North America and___
    a. South Aferica
    b. The Indian Ocean
    c. Australia
    d. India
    e. Ireland
  14. 14. Margin Luther's Ninety-Five Thesis protested against all of the following Chruch practices Except
    a. the sales of Indulgences
    b. Simony
    c. Monasteries
    d. Translation of teh Bible from Latin into common languages
    e. Papal Authority
  15. 15. Ignatious Lyola, a soldeier turned churchman, founded the order of the ___, embracing poverty, chastity and absolute obedience to the pope
    a. Loyolans
    b. Jesuits
    c. Cistercians
    d. Dominicans
    e. Franciscans
  16. 16. As a result of the 30 Years War the Hapsburgs-Bourbons came to dominate
    a. Catholic Europ
    b. The Protestant german states seeking to break away from the Holy Roman Empire
    c. The United Kingdom of England and Scotland
    d. The newly independent Christian states of Eastern Europe
    e. Selections of the Pope
  17. 17. The Inquisition in Spain eventually focused its persecution on
    a. Protestants
    b. Monastic Orders
    c. Caatholic Heretical Movements
    d. Jewish Converts to Catholicism
    e. Political enemies of the Pope and Church
  18. 18. The Grand Bandks and Georges Bank
    a. Were the main London Financiers of the English East India Company
    b. Were the main Amsterdam financiers of the Duch VOC Company
    c. Were the earliest New Amsterdamn Banks that became foundations of Wall Street
    d. The eastern and Western Shorelines of the Hudson River, the center of New Netherlands
    e. The Atlantic Ocean shoals east of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia that were the primary centers of New World Cod Fishing
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