F. Rococo

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  1. Absolutism
    Form of government that begins with Louis XIV and travelled throughout Europe; an idea that the king has vast and unchallenged power. (The sovereign/ruler is accountable only to God)
  2. Louis XIV
    King of France most associated with absolutism in the early 17th/18th century. Named king in 1661, regent ruled till he was of age
  3. Image Upload
    • Rigaud
    • Portrait of Louis XIV
    • 1701
  4. Sun King
    The nickname of Louis XIV of France. Came from the idea that Luis XIV's body was a physical embodiment of France, when he rose from bed so did France. Everything he did became a huge ceremony, including getting dressed and eating
  5. Versailles
    A town outside of Paris where King Louis XIV held his court
  6. Image Upload
    • Hardouin-Mansart
    • Hall of Mirrors
    • C. 1680
  7. Image Upload
    • Andre Le Notre
    • Gardens of Versailles
    • C.1670-1710
  8. Image Upload
    • Tuby
    • The Chariot of Apollo
    • 1667-1672
    • Versailles
  9. Image Upload
    • Boffrand
    • Hotel de Soubise
    • 1737-1740
  10. Stucco
    Fine plaster used for coating wall surfaces or molding into architectural decorations.
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