Child Guidance-Test 2

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  1. What are the 3 main factors that influence the decision to become parents?
    • 1. Economic factors (kids are expensive)
    • 2. Structural factors
    • 3. Psychosocial factors (it's normal, it makes you happy, you're obedient)
  2. Types of Adoption:
    Public, closed, open, semi-open, trans-racial
  3. Mothers should gain about how much weight during pregnancy?
    24-27 lbs
  4. Age of high risk pregnancies:
    • 20 or below
    • 40 or above
  5. Diabetes carries risk of stillbirth, miscarriage, birth defects
  6. Baby blues happens how many days after childbirth?
    3-8 days
  7. What trimester is the most important?
    The 1st trimester
  8. Post-partum depression can occur after how long?
    6-8 weeks
  9. This is a time for numerous developmental changes taking place at a rapid rate, crucial period for psychosocial development, and is time when socialization first begins
  10. Pica is
    eating non-edible stuff
  11. Enuresis is
    wetting self/bed
  12. Encopresis is
    soiling self/bed
  13. Early studies showed new parenthood as a
  14. Later studies show that new parenthood is a
  15. Bigner's use of the concept of Generativity as a motivation for parenting is an example of:
  16. Dad's are key in what type of development?
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