korean war

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  1. what was the background of the korean war
    • 1905: japanese colony
    • 1950: cold war divided the north and south
  2. what happened in june of 1950
    north attacked the south truman went to the sec. council which agreed bc russia was boycotting and tiwan had chinas vote
  3. who was the commander of the un forces
  4. what happened in the fall of 1950
    • surprise attact at inchon was a success
    • attack on north and china issused a warning to stay away
    • chinese attack with human waves
  5. what was the contraversy of the korean war
    mac wanted to attack china with nukes but truman said no bc russia would interfear and mac was fired
  6. how did the war end
    armistic divided the north and south on the 35th parrell
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