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  1. What is the process of prokaryotic cell division called? Where does DNA replication begin onthe DNA molecule in these cells?
  2. What are different phases of cell cycle in eukaryotic cells (during interphase, mitosis, ormeiosis)? What processes occur in these phases? In what part of the cell cycle is the DNAcompact or not compact? How is the cell cycle regulated?
  3. How is mitosis different or similar to meiosis? Which process generates genetically identicaldaughter cells and which one creates genetic diversity?
  4. How many of each chromosome is present:In a haploid cell?A diploid cell?After a diploid cell undergoes replication but before mitosis?After mitosis of a diploid cell?During the different phases of meiosis?
  5. How are asexual and sexual reproduction different?
  6. What are potential problems that may arise during cell division?
  7. What are two forms of cell death and how do they differ?
  8. What is an oncogene? What is a tumor suppressor? When can each of these two classes ofproteins contribute to cancer development?

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