Botany: Plant Ecology

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  1. Ecology
    study of interactions of organisms with each other and their environment (biotic and abiotic)
  2. Population
    all of the individuals of a species in one area
  3. Community
    all interacting populations in one area
  4. Ecosystem
    all the organisms and the environment
  5. Competition
    different individuals using the same limiting resources
  6. Interspecific Competition
    competition between different species
  7. Intraspecific Competition
    Competition between members of the same species
  8. Herbivory
    • beneficial for herbivore
    • Mechanical Defenses:
    • waxy leaves
    • trichomes
    • spines and thorns
    • Chemical Defenses
    • tannins and other chemical defenses
  9. Symbiosis
    two species living closely
  10. Parasitism
    One organism benefits, the other is hurt.

    Ex. Mistletoe
  11. Mutualism
    both individuals benefit

    • Ex. Pollination
    • Ex. Plant-Mycorrhizae interactions
  12. Commensalism
    One individual benefits, the other isn't affected.

    Ex. Epiphytes
  13. Principle of Competitive Exclusion
    two species with the same requiremenrts cannot coexist indefinitely.
  14. Coexistence
    two species living together...?
  15. Allelopathy
    an adaptation in which toxic substances secreted by roots or shed leaves in hibit the establishment of competing plants nearby.
  16. Mycorrhizae
    fungus that lives in a mutualistic relationship with most plants.
  17. Epiphyte
    A plant which lives on another plant in commensalism.
  18. Host
    the organism that a parasite feeds off of.
  19. Parasite
    An organism that feeds off of another in a non-predatory manner.
  20. Succession
    a change in species composition as a function of time, usually following a disturbance.
  21. Climax Community
    the community once the area reaches equilibrium.
  22. Primary Succession
    sequence of communities developing in a habitat devoid of life and soil.

    Lichens often part of the process.
  23. Secondary Succession
    progression of community after habitat is destroyed.
  24. Pioneer Speices
    first species to colonize an area devoid of life and soil. Often lichens.
  25. Autotroph
    an organism that produces it's own sugar using abiotic energy (chemical or light)
  26. Heterotroph
    consumes other organisms for energy
  27. Decomposer
    breaks down decaying organic matter
  28. Predator
    comsumes animals for energy
  29. Producer
  30. Consumer
    eats producers or other consumers; heterotrophs
  31. Trophic Level
    level of consumption
  32. Food Web
    a model to illustrate the consumption of organisms
  33. Pyramid of Energy
    • Producers at the bottom.
    • Primary Consumers.
    • Secondary Consumers.
    • Tertiary Consumers.
  34. Biogeochemical Cycles
    • water
    • nitrogen
    • carbon
    • oxygen
    • etc
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