Bobby's Random Notes XX

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  1. Bogomerom Archipelago is in this lake
    Lake Chad
  2. Southern Cross Flag is the flag of this country
  3. Peter Lalor led this event in Australia
    Eureka Stockade
  4. John Kerr was the Prime Minister of this country during its constitutional crisis
  5. The Easter Crisis occurred in this country
  6. Stuff about this movement was debated at the New Lebanon Conference
    Second Great Awakening
  7. Wife of Henry II
    Eleanor of Acquitaine
  8. These people practiced a version of Christianity called Ringatu
  9. Fawn Hill transported documents in her underwear in this scandal
    Iran-Contra Affair
  10. Created the Misery Index for measuring unemployment
  11. Formed at the confluence of the Cowleech, Caddo, and South Forks
    Sabine River
  12. Economist who used examples like a beauty contest and a banana parable
  13. Resigned because of the Chanak Incident
    David Lloyd George
  14. Lost the Battle of Mutina
    Marc Antony
  15. This man's stepfather was executed in the Catiline Conspiracy
    Marc Antony
  16. This man was declared a New Dionysus in Greece
    Marc Antony
  17. Duke of Caxias was a military leader in this country
  18. John Maurice controlled Dutch possessions in this country
  19. In one work this man contrasted the "present king of England" and the "present king of France"
    Bertie Russell
  20. Successor to John I
    Henry III
  21. Said that people were driven by compassion or pity
  22. Members of this party perpetrated the Bloody Monday riots
    Know Nothing Party
  23. Divided his people into four social classes based on race
    Kublai Khan
  24. Election where the Murchison Letter hampered Cleveland
    Election of 1888
  25. Put down Poyer's Rebellion
    Oliver Cromwell
  26. Hell's Highway was a part of this Operation
    Operation Market Garden
  27. Led Czechoslovakia between Prague Spring and the Velvet Revolution
    Gustav Husak
  28. Form of GDP that does not adjust for inflation
    Nominal GDP
  29. Islands in Lake Superior
    Apostle Islands
  30. Main river that flows into Lake Superior
    St Mary's River
  31. Wrote a concurrence to Bowers v Hardwick
    Warren Burger
  32. Mount Kerinci is a mountain on this island
  33. Lake Toba is a huge volcanic lake on this island
  34. Marinus van der Lubbe was executed because of this event
    Reichstag Fire
  35. River that forms the easternmost boundary of Louisiana
    Pearl River
  36. Council that occurred two years before Chalcedon
    Council of Ephesus
  37. Act passed in England that required all people to take an oath of Anglicanism
    Test Act
  38. Rebellion that took place in Mariano Vallejo
    Bear Flag Revolt
  39. Berbers in northern Niger that have been rebelling for a couple years
  40. Installed Leo VIII and John XIII as pope
    Otto I
  41. Married Edith and Adelaide of Burgundy
    Otto I
  42. Analyzed the film Wild Strawberries
    Erik Erikson
  43. Wrote a book about old age
    Erik Erikson
  44. Lake Skadar lies on the northern border of this country
  45. This country's longest river is the Drin
  46. This country declared its independence at the Assembly of Vlore
  47. Durres is the main port of this country
  48. This man was the first president of DR Congo
    Patrick Lumumba
  49. Translated Consolation of Philosophy
    Alfred the Great
  50. Jaroslaw Dabrowski led the military wing of this political organization
    Paris Commune
  51. Led the Popular Unity coalition
    Salvador Allende
  52. Was assassinated in La Moneda Palace
    Salvador Allende
  53. This man's Vuskovic Plan led to the nationalization of the copper industry
    Salvador Allende
  54. Wrote My First Days in the White House
    Huey Long
  55. Amended the Clayton Antitrust Act
    Robinson-Patman Act
  56. Mercenaries in Italy in the 1800s
  57. Religious rebels fighting in Yemen
  58. Battle lost by Hasdrubal (He was killed)
    Battle of the Metaurus River
  59. Nicknamed Il Valentino
    Cesare Borgia
  60. Married Charlotte d'Albret
    Cesare Borgia
  61. This man was the target of the Magione Conspiracy
    Cesare Borgia
  62. The Lost River Range is a mountain range in this state
  63. The Sawtooth Range is a range in this state
  64. Wrote Conjectures and Refutations
    Karl Popper
  65. Criticized the "spell of Plato" in one work
    Karl Popper
  66. This man attacked forms of historicism in one work
    Karl Popper
  67. Jain stage of higher perception
  68. "Celestial" mountain range in Kyrgyzstan and China that contains the Torugart Pass
    Tian Shan Mountains
  69. Defeated John I at the Battle of Bouvines
    Philip Augustus
  70. This battle led to the deposition of Otto IV
    Battle of Bouvines
  71. Wrote the essay "The Study of Geography"
    Franz Boas
  72. Wrote The Nature of Culture
    Alfred Kroeber
  73. This man deposed Nabonidus
    Cyrus the Great
  74. The RENAMO and Marxist forces faced off in this country's 1977-1992 civil war
  75. Armando Guebuza of the FRELINO party rules this country
  76. City besieged in the Sepoy Mutiny
  77. The Oder River empties into this bay
    Bay of Pomerania
  78. First Avignon pope
    Clement V
  79. Sought to replace the denarius with the Edict of Maximum Prices
  80. Took power after the death of Carus
  81. Lies across Mindoro on the Verde Island Passage
  82. The Taal Volcano is on this island
  83. Mount Pinatubo in the Zambales Mountains is on this island
  84. This man gave stump speeches during the "Khaki Election"
    Neville Chamberlain
  85. Left politics after the "Norway Debate"
    Neville Chamberlain
  86. This Socialist will challenge Sarkozy for the French presidency
    Francois Hollande
  87. Vicksburg lies at the confluence of the Mississippi and this river
    Yazoo River
  88. Savonarola took power in Florence after this French king invaded Italy
    Charles VIII
  89. City just north of Hong Kong that was China's first Special Economic Zone
  90. German general who surrendered at Stalingrad
    Friedrich Paulus
  91. Russian operation that essentially ended the Battle of Stalingrad
    Operation Uranus
  92. This man became king of England after a victory at Ballans
    Richard the Lionhearted
  93. The "Camillus" Papers defended this treaty
    Jay's Treaty
  94. The Johnson County War occurred in this state
  95. The Rock Springs Massacre occurred in this state
  96. The 228 Incident and White Terror both occurred on this island
  97. The Atayal Tribe rebelled in the Wushe Incident on this island
  98. Opponents of this Prime Minister were called the "wets"
    Margaret Thatcher
  99. This religious talks about the "five thieves" or "five evils"
  100. The birth of Khalsa on April 13 is a day of celebration in this religion
  101. When Trajan invaded Dacia, he defeated this Dacian king
  102. This man wrote The Life of Reason
    George Santayana
  103. This economist wrote The Spatial Economy and The Conscience of a Liberal
    Paul Krugman
  104. The Tihamah is a plains region in this Arab nation
  105. This man conquered the Nanda kingdom
    Chandragupta Maurya
  106. The ice road on Lake Ladoga supplied this city during a German invasion
  107. This military leader helped his side win the Battle of Sedgemoor
    Duke of Marlborough
  108. The Fouta Djallon highland can be found in this country
  109. King Harald V rules this country
  110. Prime Minister who succeeded Kim Campbell
    Brian Mulroney
  111. Described "Collective Representations"
    Emile Durkheim
  112. Wrote a book titled Primitive Classification with Marcel Mauss
    Emile Durkheim
  113. Michael "Dudus" Coke is a fugitive from this country
  114. This dynast suppressed a revolt led by Du Wenxiu, the self-proclaimed Sultan of Dali
    Qing Dynasty
  115. This dynasty put down the Panthay and Dungan revolts
    Qing Dynasty
  116. This dynasty had a policy of letting the Han govern the Han
    Qing Dynasty
  117. This philosopher debated with John Bramhall
    Thomas Hobbes
  118. The Tarnaki Wars were fought in this country
    New Zealand
  119. This god's servant was Tishtriya
    Ahura Mazda
  120. This god granted ten of a bunch of things to his servant
    Ahura Mazda
  121. The primordial man Gayomart was the first man in this religion
  122. This man was Prime Minister during the Falklands CRISIS
    Lord North
  123. One of this river's tributaries is the Sangamon River
    Illinois River
  124. This man created the Plan of Casa Marta
    Lopez de Santa Anna
  125. Revolution named for a month that demanded a German Parliament
    March Revolution
  126. This English king had a lover named Piers Galveston
    Edward II
  127. Gerhard von Zweiten was the physician of this queen
    Maria Theresa
  128. This man's thoughts were contrasted with those of the Marburg School
    Immanuel kant
  129. Periander, a Seven Sage, led this city state
  130. This city-state founded Syracuse
  131. This man raised the Pioneer Column to enforce the Rudd Confession
    Cecil Rhodes
  132. This thinker contrasted the "Way of Truth" and the "Way of Appearance"
  133. This Native American tribe joined the Iroquois Confederacy
  134. Saladin and this king of Jerusalem were at peace before the Third Crusade
    Baldwin IV
  135. This king struggled with the anti-king Rudolf of Rheinfeld
    Henry IV
  136. This president signed the Webster-Ashbruton Treaty
    John Tyler
  137. This man wrote Man Versus the State
    Herbert Spencer
  138. Baghdad lies on this river
  139. This country's independence movement was led by the leader of the "Thirty Comrades"
  140. The Kachin and Karen ethnic minorities are persecuted in this country
  141. The Charlestown Peninsula redoubt protected Americans at this battle
    Battle of Bunker Hill
  142. This commander led forces in Operation Chahar
    Hideki Tojo
  143. This woman's oldest son was the first husband of Mary, Queen of Scots
    Catherine de Medici
  144. This woman was criticized for signing the Peace of Longjumeau
    Catherine de Medici
  145. This candidate was criticized as being a man of "acid, amnesty, and abortion"
    George McGovern
  146. This man defeated Edmund Muskie in the primary
    George McGovern
  147. This man was governor of Mississippi when James Meredith went to Ole Miss
    Ross Barnett
  148. This was the name of two Palestinian uprisings
  149. This religious group had a book of Millennial Praises
  150. The Konfrontasi was a movement against the formation of this country
  151. British king who succeeded Victoria
    Edward VII
  152. This British king saw the creation of Dreadnoughts and the Boer War
    Edward VII
  153. Giuseppe Mazzini founded this movement
    Young Italy
  154. This general forced the surrenders of Geronimo and Chief Joseph
    Nelson Miles
  155. Sam Houston was wounded during this battle
    Battle of Horseshoe Bend
  156. The True Whigs are prominent in this country
  157. Abimael Guzman was a terrorist in this country
  158. This state's cities include Ingolstadt, Regensburg, and Augsburg
  159. The House of Wittelsbach led this German state for a while
  160. The Spessart Mountains lie in this german state
  161. This general won the Battle of Ad Decimum
  162. This Roman emperor made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire
    Theodosius I
  163. This man was the final sultan of the Ottoman Empire
    Mehmed VI
  164. This Scottish anthropologist wrote The Forest of Symbols
    Victor Turner
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