GCSE Chemistry C2

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  1. metal atoms are arranged in a :
    giant lattice structure
  2. metal atoms are held together :
    in a regular pattern by metallic bonding
  3. metallic bonds invole the all important ..... ... which produce all the properties of metals . these .... free electrone come from the ..... ... of every metal atom in the structure . these electrons are ... to ... through the whole structure and so metals are good conductros of .... . these electrons also ... the atoms together in a .... structure . there are strong forces of ........ .... between the ..... metal ... and the .... ... . this means metals have .... metling points and boiling points . these ...... .... also allow the .... of ... to .... over each other , allowing metals to be .... and .......
    • free electrons
    • delocalised
    • outer shell
    • free
    • move
    • electricity
    • hold
    • regular
    • electrostatic attraction
    • positive
    • ions
    • negative electrons
    • free electrons
    • layers
    • atoms
    • slide
    • bent
    • shaped
  4. alloys are .... than pure metals
  5. pure metals often aren't quite right for certain jobs . so scientists :
    mix two or more metals together creating an alloy with the properties they want
  6. different elements have ..... .... ... . so when another metal is mixed with a pure metal , the new metal atoms will .... the layers of metal atoms , making it .... .... for the layers to slide over each other . so alloys are .... than pure metals
    • different sized atoms
    • distort
    • more difficult
    • harder
  7. a shape memory is :
    an alloy that reverts to its origional shape when it is heated after being deformed
  8. an example of a shape memory alloy is
  9. what is nitinol made of
    half titanium and half nickel
  10. what is nitinol used for
    one common use for nitinol is for wires in dental braces . in the warmth of the mouth , the wires try to return to thier origional size and shape . This pulls or pushes the teeth into position .
  11. what is an advantage for using nitinol for braces
    unlike stainless steel , nitinol braces do not have to be frequently replaced or tightened . the teeth are corrected faster and the braces are more comfortable
  12. another use for nitinol is to repair collapsed :
    arteries . a squashed tube made of nitinol mesh , called a stent is slid into the artery . as it warms up in the body it expands to its orginional size and opens the artery up
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