GCSE Chemistry

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  1. define nanoparticle
    a particle between 1 and 100nm in size
  2. what is a nanometre
    1nm = 1 billionth of a metre
  3. what is nanoscience
    it is the study of nanoparticles
  4. what is a nanotube
    a tiny tubular stucture formed by a gaint lattice of likned carbon rings
  5. define lattice
    a regular , continuous structure of atoms or ions , for example in a crystal
  6. nanoparticles contain roughly a ..... ... atoms
    few hundred
  7. nanoparticles are too .... to be seen even with the most powerful light .....
    • small
    • microscope
  8. nanoparticles include ...... . these are molecules of .... , shaped like .... balls or ... tubes. the carbon atoms are arranged in ..... rings . different fullerenes contain ...... ...... of carbon atoms
    • fullerenes
    • carbon
    • hollow
    • closed
    • hexagonal
    • different
  9. a nanoparticle has very .... ... from the bul chemical that it's made from , for example fullerenes have very different ...... from big lumps of ......
    • different properties
    • properties
    • carbon
  10. fullerenes can be joined together to form ...... -
    nanotubes - teeny tiny hollow carbon tubes , a few nanometres across
  11. many covalent bonds make carbon nanotubes .... ... . they can be used to reinforce .... in ..... ...
    • very strong
    • graphite
    • tennis rackets
  12. fullerenes can be used in many ways they can :
    • 1) be used in nanomedicine . the idea is that tiny fullerenes are absorbed more easily by the body than most particles . this means they could deliver drugs right into the cells where they are needed
    • 2) be used to make lubricant coatings . these coating reduce friction a bit like ball bearings and could be used in all sorts of places from artificial joints to gears
    • 3) be used to form nanoparticles
  13. nanotubes can be used in many ways they can :
    • 1) be used to make stonger , lighter building materials
    • 2) be used in tiny electric circuits for computor chips as they are able to conduct electricity
  14. nanoparticles can be used in many , they can :
    • 1) be used to make sensors that detect one type of molecule and nothing else
    • 2) be used in cosmetics such as sun tan cream and deodrant , the small particles do thier job but dont leave white marks on the skin
    • 3) be used to help make new industrial catalyst because they have a huge surface area to volume ratio
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