cats and dogs

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  1. domestic dog latin name
    canis familiaris
  2. hyperthyroidism
    common in cats
  3. hypothyroidism
    common in dogs
  4. diabetes melitus
    pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin, poor quality or body is resitant. common in cats
  5. diabetes insipidis
    high blood glucose but not in urine. Rare. diabetes common in cats
  6. glyce-
    refers to glucose. hyperglycemia.
  7. group of dogs
  8. dog mom and dad
    dam (had puppies or pregnant), sire (donor of reproductive material)
  9. breed
    particular set of genetic traits. Same size, color, conformation "shadow images"
  10. dog male and female
    dog and bitch
  11. dominant dog
    alpha. Usually don't lick.
  12. dog estrus
    twice a year. After the release of an egg. Estrus is changes in estrogen and progesterone
  13. Puberty in dogs
    6-8 months, to over a year
  14. theriogenology
    study of reproduction
  15. progesterone
    hormone needed to maintain a pregnancy. Ovulation signals a rise in it.
  16. tie (dogs)
    part of the penis enlarges and is held in place by vaginal muscles. This happens only in dogs
  17. pregnancy in dogs (how long)
    63 days (sometimes more). Litters usually 3-12 puppies
  18. dog parturition is called
  19. dystocia
    difficult birth
  20. weaning
    withdrawing from mothers milk. Can be done from 6-8 weeks old.
  21. colostrum
    mom's first milk--within 24 hours. Has antibodies for puppies. There are synthetic but they're not as good. Colostrum antibodies last 6-16 weeks.
  22. Spay is the word for
    ovariohysterectomy (OHE)
  23. Neuter or castration is the term for
  24. exteriorizing
    bringing internal outside (c-section)
  25. Working dogs
    German Shepherd, Saint Bernard
  26. Sporting Breeds
    Golden retriever, weimaraners, cocker spaniels
  27. terriers
    cairn terrier, west highland white terrier
  28. hounds
    basset hound, greyhound
  29. toy breeds
    papillon, maltese, shih tsu
  30. nonsporting
    boston terrier, dalmation
  31. feline groups
    VERY rare. Packs.
  32. Male and female cats
    queen and tom
  33. cat latin
    Felis catus
  34. cat estrus behaviors
    seasonally polyestrus. Lordosis and howling.
  35. Length of cat pregnancy
    63 days
  36. Name for cat parturition
    Queening. 1-10 kittens with multiple sires can be born (multiple estrus cycles in a week or three, stimulated ovulators)
  37. altricial young
    babies are helpless when born. Dogs and Cats
  38. precocial young
    baby can see hear and find food on their own at birth. Horses and ungulates
  39. CFA
    cat fanciers association (like AKC for cats)
  40. cat breeds
    siamese, tonkinese, persian, maine coon, tabby, seal point himalayan, domestic short hair, domestic medium hair, domestic long hair
  41. cat eating
    strict carnivores
  42. Iatrogenic disease
    caused by owners, such as obesity.
  43. leptospirosis
    bacteria carried in water sources and urine. Causes multiorgan failure and renal disease.
  44. vaccine
    tiny bit of pathogen, alive (modified) or dead, to cause antibodies
  45. dog vaccines
    distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and rabies. In some areas, leptospirosis and Lyme disease.
  46. cat vaccines
    feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia, and rabies. Feline leukemia for outside cats.
  47. Dog Distemper
    nervous system. Fatal virus. Usually reaccurs. Crusting and discharge on nose/eyes. Very contagious.
  48. infectious canine hepatitis
    liver inflammation. Fever, congestion, leukopenia, prolonged bleeding.
  49. dog parvovirus
    diarrhea with characteristic smell. Dehydration. Often fatal, very contagious.
  50. parainfluenza dog
    virus. Cold symptoms.
  51. dog and cat rabies
    virus spreads by blood contamination (bite or, late stage, saliva in open wound). 1st stage no signs. Weeks sometimes later, drooling, not drinking, shy from light, disorientation (nocturnal out in day). Diagnosed by brain tissue (negri bodies--freckles in cell).
  52. cat feline rhinotracheitis
    upper respiratory disease. coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, conjunctivitis, and sometimes fever (up to 106) and loss of appetite
  53. cat panleukopenia
    not making leukocytes. Mutation of parvo?
  54. Feline leukemia
    retrovirus, immune suppressive. Contagious. Spread by mucus, saliva, urine and blood. Can only get from another cat.
  55. radiography
    taking imges of internal parts of animal. X-Ray, CT, MRI
  56. Indication
    something that you should do
  57. counter-indication
    something you should not do.
  58. URI
    upper respiratory infection
  59. Parasites
    living organisms that use other organisms for food or housing
  60. Zoonotic
    disease that can go from animal to human (not one that both can get from the same source
  61. Ringworm
    fungus. Dermatophyte. Round bald spot. Zoonotic
  62. Toxoplasma
    zoonotic parasite. Transmitted in soil, raw meat, cat feces.
  63. Leishmania
    zoonotic parasite that lives in blood. Spread by sand flies. multi-organ failure. Blood test.
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