History 101 exam Chap.5-8

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  1. How did Diocletian and Constantine resore sability
    increasing the bureaucracy, establishing price control, raising taxes, and making occupations hereditary.
  2. Who proclaimed Christanity the official religion
  3. Where did Constantine find a New Rome
    the east on the foundations of an old Greek polis, Byzantium, and was named Constantinople
  4. Germanic kingdoms were established
    The West,Ostrogoths in Italy, the Visigoths in Spain, several Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in Britain, and a Frankish kingdom in old Gaul.
  5. Who was ahead of the Church
  6. When was Chirstanity the officaly relgion of the Empire
    4th Centruy
  7. Who was the first bishop of Rome
  8. One of Peter most infulencul succers
    Gregory I, the Great
  9. Who challenged the orthodoxy of the institutional church.
    Donatism and Arianism
  10. Who established rules for communities of monks
  11. Who Wrote Confessions and The City of God and influenced Christian theology to the present.
  12. Which empire suffered no decline and fall and which one did
    The east and the West
  13. Overral what Diocletian and Constantine did to retore the empire
    initiated a number of reforms that created the Late Empire
  14. Who convered to Christainity, starting a process that gave the late empire a new state religion
  15. What did the West empire face that caused them to decline
    Tge Germanic Tribes
  16. What 3 things did the Late Empire have
    New governmental strucutre, a rigid economic and social system, and a new state religion
  17. How did Diocletian rise to power
    By having Numerian excuted by his practorian
  18. Explain Diocletian new administratice system for a restructed empire (Political Reform)
    Number of Provinces was increased to one hundred by creating smaller disricts superintened by more officals
  19. Diocleantian Political Reform dived the Roman Empire into what two parts
    East and West
  20. Who controled the east and who controled the west during Diocleantian Political Reform
    East( Diocletian) West(Maximian)
  21. What was in Augustus
    A Ruler
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