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    • Ecology is the study of...
    • Interactions that take place between organisms & their environment
  1. What is a habitat?
    It's the place a plant or animal lives in
  2. What is an niche?
    It's an organisms total way of life
  3. Abiotic factors are...
    Nonliving parts of an organisms environment
  4. Biotic factors are...
    All living organisms that inhabit an environment
  5. What is the 2nd level of organization?
  6. What is population?
    Group of organisms, all of the same species, interbred and live in same place and time
  7. What is the 3rd level of organization?
    Biological community
  8. What is a biological community?
    All the populations of different species that live in the same place at the same time
  9. What is the 4th level of organization?
  10. What is ecosystem?
    Interactions between biotic and abiotic factors in an environment
  11. What is a biosphere?
    All of the ecosystems on the planet
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