History Exam Chap. 8

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  1. Which Emperor was crowned by the Pope
    Charles (Charlemagne's)
  2. German king of Rome
    Charles (Charlemange)
  3. What part of Rome was Charles emperor of
  4. What percent of the lands in Western Eurpoe was Cultivated
    10 percent
  5. How did Charlemange come to throne
    By the death of Pepin
  6. Which emipre did Charles expand
    The Charlemange
  7. Charlemange insititued th miss dominici which was what
    "messenger of the lord king"
  8. When did the Christian church become an ecclesiastical government
    7th Century
  9. who was the most powerful Chirstan ruler
  10. What three groups did Cgarlemangen fuse together
    Roman,Christain, and Germanic
  11. What did Charlenmange efforts led to
    The revival of learning and culture "Carolingian Renaissance or rebirth.
  12. How and when did the manorial system delvlope
    Middle ages; When small farmers needed protection of food in a timw of bad haverst
  13. In the 9th centruy what percentage were serfs
    60 percent
  14. Perctage of people who worked lands in the Earlt Middle Ages
  15. system was a form of government where, the king was first, then lords, knights, and finally peasants
    Federal System
  16. Charles Martel
    the illegitimate son of Pippin II of Herstal and, after an intense power struggle, succeeded him as the "mayor of the palace" of Austrasia, the eastern part of Frankish territory
  17. Charlenge
    crowned Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day, 800
  18. Charlemagne took up reform of the church by creating
    new bishoprics and archbishoprics, restoring old ones, and seeing to it that the clergy accepted the orders of their superiors and executed their duties.
  19. Disintegration of the Carolingian Empire --- Division of Empire
    Louis the Pius
  20. Who divided the empire East from West and changed its character forever

  21. persuaded by the Byzantine Emperor Zeno to invade Italy and overthrow Odoacer, who had officially put an end to the western empire
  22. Who Esablished the Byzantine Empire.
  23. concluded that the empire was too large and complex to be ruled by only a single emperor.
  24. Where did Muhammad move which was rename"City of the Prophet
  25. What 4 places did the Muslims conquor
    Byzantines, persians,Syria, Egype
  26. Who was able to cross the English Channel and defeat the Viking and then Anglosaxon
    William of Normandy
  27. Where the first University Appeared
  28. What subject and teacher atrracted many students
    Law(Corpus Iutis Civilis) Irnerius
  29. In the Northern Erope the first Unveristy was
    Universiuty of Pairs
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