Science Study Guide (Chapter 15)

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  1. If a soccer ball is rolled with the same force across four different surfaces (a tile floor, a paved road, a grassy field or a cement sidewalk), which surface would slow the most the movement of the ball?
    It would be the grassy field.
  2. How is force measured?
    It is measured using the Newton unit.
  3. What is the energy called if you are holding an object in your hands and are ready to release it but have not done so yet?
    The item has potential energy.
  4. What motion is being used when a guitar's string is being plucked ?
    The best way to describe the motion is the object is moving back and forth.
  5. What happens when balanced forces are applied to a moving object?
    The object keeps moving at the same speed and direction.
  6. What happens when an object is being pulled in opposite directions and the forces remain balanced (not moving)?
    This is because the object is being pulled with the same amount for force.
  7. What happens if two individuals push an object with the same mass?
    The person who pushed with more force is the one who pushed the greater distance.
  8. Which objects require less force to be moved?
    Objects with less mass, require less force to be moved.
  9. What does one need to know in order to describe the velocity of an object in motion?
    One needs to know about the direction and the speed of the object.
  10. What is an example of acceleration?
    Acceleration is when a train goes around a corner at the same speed as it was traveling on a straight track.
  11. What is the term used in the following scenerio:
    If when you walking you see behind you an object that was in front of you before you started to walk?
    The term used to describe your position compared to the object is relative motion.
  12. How do distance and mass affect the force of gravity between objects?
    - The force of gravity is stronger between objects that are closer together.

    -As they move further apart, there is less force between them.

    - The force of gravity is stronger between more massive objects.

    - As the masses of the objects are reduced, there is less force of gravity between the objects.
  13. What is velocity?
    The speed and the direction of an object.
  14. What is relative motion?
    The change in one object's position compared to position of another fixed object.
  15. What is a frame of reference?
    The objects you use to detect motion.
  16. What is speed?
    The rate at which an object changes position.
  17. What is force?
    Force is any push or pull.
  18. What is friction?
    A force that acts when two surfaces rub together.
  19. What is gravity?
    The force that makes objects pull toward each other.
  20. What is work?
    Work is ability to move something.
  21. What is kinetic energy?
    It is the energy of motion.
  22. What is potential energy?
    It is stored energy.
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