SS - Chapter 6 Test

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  1. During the 1860s what were most enslaved people were NOT allowed to do?
    The enslaved were not allowed to learn to read and write.
  2. What did the people who wanted to abolish slavery truly want?
    The wanted to end slavery in all states.
  3. Why did Southern states secede from the Union?
    The seceded because Southerners thought that the states had the right to decide certain issues.
  4. What is a civil war?
    A civil war is a war between groups of people in the same country.
  5. Why was Florida nicknamed the "breadbasket of the Confederacy"?
    It received the nickname because it supplied food to the Confederate Army.
  6. The Civil Was affected the life in Florida in many way. Which is one that it did not?
    No battles were fought in Florida.
  7. What did Florida do after the Civil War ended?
    Florida rejoined the United States.
  8. Why did the U.S. Congress start the Freedmen's Bureau?
    This was started to help former slaves after the war.
  9. What is the Fourteenth Amendment?
    It states that all people born in the United States were/are citizens.
  10. What happened after the reconstruction in the South?
    African Americans were elected to public offices.
  11. Did the South depend mainly in manufacturing?

    The South did not depend mainly in manufacturing.

    In Florida many people earned money by growing or shipping cotton or sugarcane.
  12. Was the Underground Railroad an actual railroad?

    The Underground Railroad was not an actual railroad.

    It was a system of secret routes along which runaway slaves could safely stop on the
  13. What was the largest Civil War battle fought in Florida?
    The Battle of Olustee, on February 20, 1864, was the largest Civil War battle fought in Florida.
  14. What happened five days after General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House?
    President Lincoln was assassinated—murdered in a sudden or secret attack—in Washington, D.C.
  15. Why were some white Southerners angry?
    They were angry at the changes brought about by the Reconstruction.
  16. What is segregation?
    It is the practice of keeping people in separate groups based on their race or culture.
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