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  1. Dermatochalasis
    • What:Redundant skin in upper lid, drapes down Cause:Elderly= bilateral Familial Herniation of orbital septum
    • What to look for/Sx:Hold skin up to check for ptosis, trichiasis
    • Tx:If no field loss then it�s just cosmetic, >10% VF loss then insurance may cover surgery- blepharoplasty, refer to oculoplastic Treat trichiasis
  2. Blepharochalasis
    • What:Young to mid age, baggy lids
    • Cause:Recurrent welling from inflammation or edema causes stretching and loss of elasticity
    • What to look for/Sx:Mimics ptosisR.O. lid mass, edema, infection, ptosis
    • Tx:-Treat underlying cause- allergies, high BP, kidney, cardiac - cool compress to decrease swelling - physician to RO cardiac/renal problems - VF and blepharoplasty
  3. Herniation of orbital fat
    • What:Elderly weakening of orbital septum
    • Cause:Orbital fat herniates through, upper medial
    • What to look for/Sx:Looks like a tumor, pressure on globe causes further herniation, squishy
    • Tx:Cosmetic surgery, excision, reassurance
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