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  1. Merrem
    • Gen: Meropenem
    • Class: Antibiotic (Beta-Lactam, carbapenem)
    • RoA: IV
    • MOA: inhibiting cell wall synthesis
    • Indication: bacterial infections, meningitis, subcutaneous complication
  2. Epogen
    • Gen: Epoetin Alfa
    • Class: Erythropoietic, Hemotopoietic
    • RoA: IV, SC
    • MOA: stimulates division/differentiation of committed erythroid progenitors
    • Indication: Anemia (cancer, renal failure, Zidovudine AR, transfusion)
  3. Reopro
    • Gen: Abciximab
    • Class: Anticoagulant
    • RoA: IV
    • MOA: block platelet aggregation by binding GP IIb/IIa receptor preventing fibrinogen and other AC proteins
    • Indication: MIschemia, Refractory Angina (adjunct)
  4. Aciphex
    • Gen: Rabeprazole Sodium
    • Class: PPI
    • RoA: Oral
    • MOA: covalently binds H/K ATPase pump
    • Indication: GU, DU, GERD, erosive esophagitis, Gastric Hypersecretion, H.pylori therapy
  5. Isovue-300
    • Gen: Iopamidol
    • Class: Non radial constrast agent
    • RoA: IV
    • MOA:
    • Indication: diagnostic radiology
  6. Fentanyl
    • Gen: Fentanyl
    • Class: Analgesic (opioid)
    • RoA: SubLingual, Transdermal
    • MOA: CNS mu receptors
    • Indication: moderate-severe pain (opioid-tolerant)
  7. Combivent
    • Gen: Ipratropium Bromide/Albuterol Sulfate
    • Class: Bronchodilator
    • RoA: Inhalation, Nebulization
    • MOA: Albuterol- beta2 agonist(SM relaxation)Ipratropium- anticholinergic agent (site-specific bronchodilation)
    • Indication: COPD
  8. Zoladex
    • Gen: Goserelin Acetate
    • Class: Antineoplastic agent, LHreleasing hormone agonist
    • RoA: SC
    • MOA: Inhibits/suppresses the pituitary gonadotropin secretion
    • Indication: Breast cancer, endometriosis, prostate cancer
  9. Abilify
    • Gen: Aripiprazole
    • Class: Antipsychotic
    • RoA: Oral, IM
    • MOA: Agonist at D2 and 5HT1A, antagonist 5HT2A
    • Indication: Schizophrenia, Bipolar, MDD, Autistic (agitation)
  10. Singulair
    • Gen: Montelukast Sodium
    • Class: Anti-Inflammatory (leukotriene pathway Inhibitor)
    • RoA: Oral
    • MOA: binds cysteinyl leukotrienes (CysLT) type-1 in airway to prevent edema, SM contraction and respiratory inflammation
    • Indication: Asthma, Exercise-induced A, perennial and seasonal allergic rhinitis
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