History of Life terms

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  1. how do allele frequencies change?
    • genetic drift
    • gene flow
    • nonrandom mating
    • mutation
    • natural selection
  2. genectic drift
    any change in allele frequencies caused by chance :effects small pop. more dramticaly
  3. founder effect
    • when small groups of a larger population settles in a separete location
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  4. bottleneck effect
    when a population declines to a very low number and rapidly rebounds
  5. gene flow
    movement of genes in and out of population : cuases more genectic variation

    immigration Image Upload emmigration
  6. hardy-weinberg equation
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  7. p
  8. q
  9. allele frequency
    number of times each allele trait shows in a population
  10. allopatric speciation
    physical barrier splits population into seperate populations
  11. symparic speciation
    species evolve ino new species without a physical barrier
  12. adaptive radiation
    • species diverge into many species under a short timespan
    • extreme form of divergent evolution
  13. types of coevolution
    • mutualism
    • predator and prey
    • parasite and hos
  14. gradualism
    • slow evolution over a long period of time
    • small gradual changes in population
  15. punctuated equilibrium
    • rapid spurts of genectic change
    • species evolve quickly
    • possible large changes
  16. three types of natural selection
    • stabilizing
    • directional
    • disruptive
  17. stabilizing selection
    • eliminates extreme trait expressions
    • averages the population
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  18. directional selecion
    increases selection of ONE extremeImage Upload
  19. disruptive selection
    • selects for BOTH extremes
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  20. sexual selection
    choosing of traits that lead to mating success
  21. repuductive isolation
    two species that are not able to successfully mate
  22. prezygote isolation
    able to mate but unable to fertilize
  23. postzygotic isolation
    fertilization has occured but offspring cannot develope or reproduce
  24. speciation
    process of one parental species becoming seperate species
  25. Darwin embarked on a voyage around the world aboard _____ that went from ____ to ____
    • HMS beagle
    • 1831- 1836
  26. darwin knew about a process called ______ ______ used on dogs, pigeons, and agriculture.
    selective breeding
  27. process which humans slectively breed organism for a specific trait
    artificial selection
  28. 4 principles of natural selection
    • variation
    • heritability
    • overproduction
    • repoductive advantage
  29. evidence for evolution
    • fossil record
    • comparitive morphology
    • comparive embryology
    • comparitive biochemistry
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