History AP Pantheon

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  1. Bishop Berkley
    • born Gerorge Berkly, from Ireland
    • Immaterialism dines the existance of materials, say only in mind (i.e. The Matrix)
    • Wrote Treatise concerning the Principles of Human Knowlage
    • Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous
  2. Lord Byron
    • born George Byron in England
    • Hours of Idleness
    • English Bards
    • Child herald, Manfred, Don juan
  3. Henry Feilding
    • English
    • Love in several masquerades, first
    • The Life and death of Tom Thumb, spoofed heroic plays of the time
    • Joseph andrews, book
    • A history of Tom Jones, A foundling; adventures of a young man
  4. George Handel
    • German
    • opened the Royal academy of Music
    • best known for Messiah
  5. Franz Hadyn
    • Austrian
    • Paris Symphonies and the seven last words of Christ
    • Suprise symphony, woke people up
    • The London symphony
  6. John Stuart mill
    • Brittish phiosopher and economist
    • The Negro Question, slavery should be abolished
    • founded Utilitarianism, moral worth of an action is determined by outcome
  7. Thomas Paine
    • Brittish writer
    • common sence, argued republican form of goverment
    • The Crisis, inspired patiotism
    • The Rights of Man
    • Age of Reason, critisised religion and the Bible
  8. Samuel Richardson
    • Engish writer
    • Pamela
    • Clarissa, tragic story
    • The History of Sir Charles Grandison
  9. Adam Smith
    • Scottish economist
    • An inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the weath of Nations
    • free capitalism, said that an country without and invisible hand will regulate itself
    • unplesant jobs will earn higher pay
  10. Jonathan Swift
    • Irish writer
    • tale of a Tub, battle of the Books
    • a modest proposal, Drapers letters, both pro irish
    • Gullivers travels, attack on human nature and politics
  11. Andreas Vesalius
    • Belgian anatomist
    • De Humani Corporis Fabrica, most accurate illustrations of human body
    • Heart is not the center of thought, brain is
  12. John Wesley
    • Founded Methodism
    • Thoughts upon slavery; against slavery
  13. William Wordsworth
    • English poet
    • Lyrical Ballads, which defined poetry
    • The spontainious overflow of powerfull emotions recolledted in tranquility
    • the prelude
  14. Mary Shelly
    • English writer
    • Wrote Frakenstein
  15. James Watt
    • Scottish inventor
    • biult modern steam engine
    • improved copy machine and creating chlorine
  16. Johann Bach
    • German organist
    • Gott ist mein koenig
    • Magnificat and St. John passion
    • Mass in B minor and the Art of the fuge
  17. Ludwig van Beethoven
    • German composer
    • Fur Elise (for Elise) Symphony and movements 2 & 4
    • symphony 5, Appasionata sonata, moonlight sonata, violin concerto in D
  18. Henry Cavendish
    • French mathemitican
    • Richter's law of Reciprocal proportions
    • Ohm's law,
    • Dalson's low of Partial pressure
    • Charles's law of Gases
    • Cavendish exparament, force of gravity between masses and measured eath density
    • Coulomb's law, electrical force with distance
  19. Frederic Chopin
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