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  1. Papilloma
    What:Overgrown of epidermal skin of eye lid (squamous) Cause:Virus- verucca plana, vulgaris, digitala Non viral- elderly What to look for/Sx:Viral- fast growth, rough, not eroded vasculature R.O. neoplastic growth, color change, bleeding, vascularization, surface ulceration, erosion Tx:None indicated- reassure Excision for cosmesis or trichiasis -refer if suspicious, take photos -use antibiotics if excision is done
  2. Verucca
    What:Papilloma with inclusion bodies Cause:Transmission by direct/indirect contact (virus) What to look for/Sx:Conjunctivitis, keratitis Tx:Spontaneous regression, treat infection or prophylaxis with drops -biopsy and cryo if suspicious
  3. Cutaneous horn
    What:Keratinized papilloma Tx:Easy excision
  4. Seborrheic keratitis
    What:Benign epi growth Cause:Middle aged asian, trunk, head, brow/lid What to look for/Sx:-Not premalignant -sharp definition, slight elevation, brown plaster, little invasion into epidermis, none into dermis Tx:Refer to dermatologist for excision
  5. Keratoacanthoma
    What:Pseudocarcinoma hyperplasia Cause:Exposure on hairy areas, 50-70 yo Caucasian WHat to look for/Sx:Rapid growth- 1-2cm, rasised initially, dome nodule with central core (keratin crater), Rolled, elevated borders Pore grows and exposes crater and discharges keratin Tx:RO SCC and muscum contagiousum -spontaneous regression, excision usually to be sure -photo document - sometimes BCC or SCC occur on edges or borders after excision
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