Micro Test # 3

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  1. Penicillin is most effective against what type of bacteria?
    Gram positive
  2. Enterococcus was first to become resistant to what?
    • Vancomycin
    • Enterococcus fecalis is VRE
  3. Name 2 Lactam antibiotics:
    Penicillin & Carbapenems
  4. What family or group does Vancomycin belong to?
  5. What does the Lactam classification indicate?
    a lactam ring is the active part of the drug that harms penecillin by inhibiting on the enzyme that makes peptodoglycan
  6. If a bacteria have a Beta Lactamase positive indication, what does this mean?
    the bacteria is resistant to the active portion of penecillin
  7. What is Staphylococcus aureus resistant to ?
  8. What does CRKP stand for?
    carbanpenum resistant Klebsiella phnemonia
  9. What does MRSA stand for?
    Mythecillin resistant staphylococcus aureus
  10. What does VRE stand for?
    Vancomycin resistant Enterococcus
  11. The sum of all biochemical reactions that occur in a cell or organism, is what?
  12. Where is MRSA commonly colonized in healthy people?
    the naires
  13. Microdigestion happens @ what level?
    the cellular level
  14. Macrodigestion happens @ what level?
    the large scale / breakdown of larger pieces for the celluar level to process
  15. _____ type of building reactions requires energy input.
    Anabolsim / dehydration synthesis
  16. _____ type of reactions breakdown or release energy.
    Catabolsim / hydrolisis
  17. Energy from _____ is used to run _____.
    Catabolsim runs anabolism
  18. When talking about metabolism, the cell and the organism are _____.
    the same
  19. When cells digest sugar, this is what type of digestion?
  20. Anabolysim requires what?
    energy input like ATP
  21. Dehydration synthesis does what?
    puts molecules together to remove a water molecule
  22. Hydrolisis does what?
    splitis the molecule by forcing in water
  23. ___ is spendable energy.
  24. ADP is what?
    Adenosine Di-phosphate
  25. By breaking off the third phosphate, _____ happens.
    energy is released
  26. Name the universal energy molecule for living organisms:
    • ATP
    • adenosine tri-phosphate
  27. Electrons represent what?
  28. Image Upload
    What does this respresent?
    a nucleotide / as you add phosphate molecule you increase/ store the energy.
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