Chapter 40

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  1. What are the benefits of a Multilumen Airway?
    • 1. Ease of proper placement
    • 2. No mask seal necessary
    • 3. Requires minimal skill and practice to maintain
    • 4. Easily used in spinal injury patients
    • 5. May be inserted blindly
    • 6. Protects the airway from upper airway secretions
  2. What are the disadvantages of a Multilumen Airway?
    • 1. Loses effectiveness (cuff malfunction)
    • 2. Requires deeply comatose patient
    • 3. Requires constant balloon observation
    • 4. Cannot be used on patients shorter than 5'
    • 5. Requires great care in listening for breath sounds
    • 6. Large balloon is easily broken and tends to push the PtL out of the mouth when inflated
  3. What are the contraindications of the King LT?
    • Patient must be taller then 4'
    • Does not protect the airway from vomiting and aspiration
    • High air pressure may cause air to leak into the stomach or out the mouth
    • If the trachea is intubated the device must be removed and reinstalled
  4. What are possible local site reactions to an IV?
    • Infiltration
    • Phlebitis
    • Occulsion
    • Vein Irritation
    • Hematoma
  5. What are possible systemic complications to an IV?
    • Allergic reaction
    • Air embolus
    • Circulatory overload
    • Vasovagal reaction
    • Cathatere shear
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