Aseptic Technique 3

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  1. What personnel should be in surgery?
    only essential personnel (no visitors or spectators)
  2. Should you wear jewelry during surgery? Why or why not?
    • no, remove bulky or dangling earrings, bracelets, rings
    • hiding place for bacteria or could be dropped in surgical site
    • may wear smooth wedding band
  3. Describe how fingernails should be during surgery?
    clean, cut short, filed smooth, no nail polish
  4. What kind of shoes should be woren in surgery?
    no open shoes
  5. Why do we wear sterile gowns in surgery?
    to reduce contamination
  6. What is the order of dressing for surgery?
    • remove jewelry
    • put on scrub suit
    • cover shoes
    • put on cap and mask
    • scrub hands and arms
    • put on gown
    • put on gloves
  7. When do we open the first wrap of gown packs?
    before scrubbing
  8. What needs to be scrubbed?
    • nails
    • fingers
    • palms
    • back of hands
    • wrists
    • forearms
    • scrub all four sides of each
  9. How many times do we scrub our hands and arms?
    at least 3 times
  10. How long do we scrub our hands and arms for?
    at least 5 minutes
  11. How should we hold our hands while scrubbing?
    higher than elbows
  12. Why do we hold our hands higher than elbows when scrubbing?
    so contaminated water does not run from the elbows to the hands
  13. How do we dry our hands?
    • let them drip (do not shake)
    • use sterile towels
    • lean over so the towel does not touch anything but your hands
    • dry first one hand from fingertips to elbow, then turn towel around and dry the other hand
  14. What are we allowed to touch with our hands after scrubbing?
    • towel
    • gown pack
    • collar of gown
    • interior of gown
    • interior of gloves
  15. How do we gown?
    • pick up gown by collar
    • hold it up in the air and let it fall open
    • put arms through sleeves
    • do not let hand come through cuff
    • tie gown (non-sterile assistant ties from gown from the back)
  16. What is the job of the non-steril assistant?
    • opens outer wrap fo drape and presents it to the surgeon
    • places instrument pack on the stand and opens its outer wrap
  17. What is the job of the surgeon or sterile assistant?
    • opens inner wrap of drape pack
    • opens drape, avoiding contamination
    • places drape on patient
    • opens instrument pack in order to get towel clamps out
  18. What is a window drape?
    single drape with hold cut in the middle
  19. What is four-corner drapes?
    • lay first drape cranial to incision site
    • lay second drape caudal to incision site
    • then lay side drape (clamp to skin with towel clamps)
    • lay other side drape (clamp in place)
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