A&P Chapter 25

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  1. 1)In terms of kidney structure where do you find the pelvis?
    Found in the frontal section of a kidney. The “shoulder” area near the entrance to the kidney. A funnel shaped tube is continuous with the urether leaving the hilium, branching extensions of the pelvis form two or three major calyces. each one subdivides to form several minor calyces, cup shaped areas that enclose the papillae. The calyces collect urine which drain continuosly from the papillae and empty it into the renal pelvis
  2. 2)What does adh do? (function) and at what location?
    Controls the reabsorption of water in the collecting ducts ADH is a hormone that is produced in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. It is then stored and released from the pituitary gland, a small gland at the base of the brain.
  3. 3)what are the functions of the urinary system?
    • Gluconeogenesis during prolonged fasting, Produce hormone Renin & Erythropoietin, metabolizing vitamin D.
    • Filters blood plasma, returns useful substances to blood, & eliminates waste products – E.g. Prevent amino acid excretion – Reabsorb other nutrients from the waste stream – Excretion is the separation and removal of waste products from body fluids and eliminating them – Elimination is discharging waste products into the environment
    • • Regulation of plasma osmolarity – Control quantities of sodium, potassium, chloride, and other ions lost from the kidney • Synthesize calcitrol to control blood calcium levels • Control lose of hydrogen ions & bicarbonate ions – Helps in regulating blood pH.• Assist liver in its functions– Detoxification of free radicals and drugs– Deamination of amino acids• Especially during starvation– Gluconeogenesis

  4. 4)How does fluid concentration change in the descending loop of henley?
  5. 5)def. of nephron
  6. 6) what is the function of the juxta glumerialer apparatus
  7. 7)what is the force pushing fluid out of the glumerialus
  8. 8)what is the signal to trigger voiding of urine? (micturition)
  9. 9.what does the macula densa measure
  10. 10)whats the function of angio tenson tube
  11. 11)what happens when the capsular hydrostatic pressure goes above normal?
  12. 12)What are the mechanisms for removing molecules from the urine stream?
  13. 13)Def. of transport maximum?
  14. 14)What does it mean when u say the glucose clearance value is zero?
  15. 15) How can the cells of the renal tubules raise PH?
  16. 16)What are the regulation categories for filtration rate?
  17. 17) What are the characteristics of kidney position in the body?
  18. 18) Def. renal columns?
  19. 19)Where do you find the macula densa?
  20. 20)Def. of glomerulus
  21. 21)Function of the proximal condaluto tubule (PCT)
  22. 22)Where do you find the smallest pores in the glomerulus
  23. 23)Which of the tubules concentrate urine?
  24. 24)What materials can be reabsorbed in the PCT
  25. 25)What is the counter current multiplication in the kidney?
  26. 26)What happens when ADH increases?
  27. 27)What happens when aldosterone increases?
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