psych 2017 chapter 5 set 2: Terminology used in sampling vocabulary, Random Sampling Techniques, Ra

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  1. Sample
    the set of elements selected form a population
  2. Element
    The basic unit selected
  3. Population
    The full set of elements from which the sample is selected
  4. Sampling
    The process of drawing a sample from a population
  5. Representative sample
    A sample that resembles the population
  6. Equal propability of selection method (EPSEM)
    Sampling method in which each individual element has an equal probability of selection into the sample
  7. Statistic
    A numerical characteristic of sample data
  8. parameter
    A numerical characteristic of a population
  9. sampling error
    differences between sample values and the true population parameter
  10. Census
    collection of data form everyone in the population
  11. Sampling frame
    A list of all the elements in a population
  12. response rate
    the percentage of people selected to be in a sample and who participate in the research study
  13. \Biased sample
    a nonrepresentative sample
  14. Proximal similarity
    generalization to people, places, settings, and contexts that are similar to those described in the research study
  15. Simple random sampling
    A popular and basic equal probability selection method
  16. Statified random sampling
    Division of population elements into mutually exclusive groups and then selection of a random sample from each group
  17. Proportional stratified sampling
    Stratified sampling where the sample proportions are made to be the same as the population proportions on the stratification variable
  18. disproportional stratifies samples
    Stratified sampling where the sample proportions are made to be differnet from the population proportion s on the stratifcation variable
  19. Cluster random sampling
    Sampling method where clusters are randomly selected
  20. Cluster
    A collection type of unit that includes multiple elements
  21. One-stage cluster sampling
    Clusters are randomly selected and all the elements in the selected clusters constitute the sample
  22. Two-stage cluster sampling
    Clusters are randomly selected, and a random sample of elements is drawn from each of the selected clusters
  23. Systematic sampling
    The samplking method where one determines the sampling interval(k), randomly selects an element between 1 and k, and then selects every kth element
  24. Sampling interval
    the population size divided by the desired sample size; it's symbolized by the letter k
  25. periodicity
    Problematic situation in systematic sampling that can occur if there is a cyclical pattern in the sampling
  26. Convenience sampling
    use of people who are reeadily available, volunteer, or are easily recruited for inclusion in a sample
  27. Quota Sampling
    A researcher decides on the desired sample sizes or quotas for groups identified for inclusion in the sample, followed by convenience sampling fron the groups
  28. purposive sampling
    a researcher specifies the characteristics of the population of interest and then locates individuals who have those characteristics
  29. Snowball sampling
    each sampling person is asked to identify other potential particpants with the inclusion characteristic
  30. Random selection
    Selection of participants using a random sampling methods
  31. Random assignment
    Placement of participants into experimental conditions on the basis of a chance process
  32. purpose of random selection
    to obtain a representative sample
  33. Purpose of random assignment
    to produce two or more equivalent groups for use in an experiment
  34. Sample size calculator
    A statistical program used to provide a recommended sample size
  35. mixed sampling
    use of a combination of quantitative and qualitative sampling methods

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psych 2017 chapter 5 set 2: Terminology used in sampling vocabulary, Random Sampling Techniques, Random Selection and Random assignment
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