16-4 Deuteronomist's History; the Return of the Exiles and Third Isaiah

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  1. When was the Deuternomist's History being worked on?
    700s-500s BC
  2. What was the task of the Deuteronomists?
    They gathered documents and oral traditions, and recorded them into a continuous history of Israel from Moses to their own day.
  3. What are the works produced by the Deuteronomist school?
    Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings. Together with Deuteronomy, these books are called the Deuteronomistic History.
  4. What does the Jewish tradition call the books of the Deuteronomistic History, and what are they commonly known as today?
    • Jewish tradition calls these books Former Prophets.
    • They are commonly known today as the Historical Books.
  5. Which prophet is at the heart of the Deuteronomistic History?
  6. What elements of Israel's faith that the Deuteronomistic History focuses on?
    • The covenant between God and the people, and why God has punished Israel for infidelity.
    • The promise of the land, and why they have lost it.
  7. The Stages of the Deuteronomic History
    • The great conquest of the Holy Land under Joshua (Book of Joshua)
    • Period of the Judges (Book of Judges)
    • The high point of God's blessing of the land under Kind David (2 Samuel)
    • The period of the kings, from Solomon to the fall of Jerusalem (1 and 2 Kings)
    • The Exile (end of 2 Kings)
  8. Who allowed the exiles to return from Babylon to Judah?
    Cyrus the Persian
  9. When did Cyrus the Persian defeat Babylon?
    539 BC
  10. What was Cyrus called by Isaiah, and why?
    Isaiah called Cyrus "his anointed"---that is, Messiah. Cyrus was God's chosen liberator, who was given victory in order to restore God's people and the worship of the Lord in his Temple. Cyrus also provided funds and vessles for the rebuilding of the Temple.
  11. What did the former exiles do when they returned to the Holy Land?
    They began rebuilding Jerusalem and the Temple, amidst constant threats from their enemies and political intrigues.
  12. What book tells the story of the struggles of the returned exiles to build Jerusalem and the Temple?
    The Book of Ezra
  13. When was the Second Temple, the one built by the returned exiles, finished and dedicated?
    515 BC
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