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  1. County Chairperson
    party leader in county, elected in the parties primary for a 2 year term
  2. County Convention
    County party meeting to select delegates and adopt resolutions
  3. Local Election
    elections conducted by local government to elect officials
  4. precint chairperson
    party leader in a voting precint
  5. state party chairperson
    party leader for the state
  6. state senatorial district convention
    party meeting held when a county is a part of more than one senatorial district
  7. Sore loser law
    law that prevents losers primary election can run as an independent in the general election
  8. Identify the primary functions of political
    parties. How are political parties different from interest groups?
    • larger in population and adders a broader array of
    • issues and is formally nominates and runs candidates
  9. Identify the functions of private interests groups
    • Private org. of individuals who have banded together for a common cause or interest.
    • The politicize and inform members of groups as well as others, mediate conflict within group, engage in elections
  10. Identify the 3 major shifts that can occur with political parties
    • alignment
    • dealignment
    • realignment
  11. Who said "man is a political animal"
  12. Reasons Texas has low voter turn out
    • poll taxes
    • womens suffrage
    • white primaries
    • property ownership
  13. Verba & Nie
    • 1)Inactives: Individuals who take
    • no part in politics

    • 2)Voting
    • specialists: those who confine their
    • efforts to only voting

    • 3)Parochial
    • participants: those who become active in politics when the issue has a direct
    • effect on them

    • 4)Campaigners: those who like the activity & the controversial &
    • competitive nature of political campaigns

    • 5)Communalists: those who while being active voters avoid the combat &
    • controversy of partisan campaigns & are attractive to other kinds of
    • nonpartisan, non-controversial community activity.

    6)Complete activists: those who get involved in all levels and kinds of activity.
  14. establishes the formal organization of political parties
    state laws
  15. The primary purpose of county or senatorial district conventions is to
    select delegates to the party state convention
  16. most conflicts within republican party are over
    goals and policies
  17. Texas Republican intraparty coalitions believes most strongly in promoting conservative political ideology over winning elections
    social conservatives
  18. the party in the electorate is most accurately defined as
    Those who identify w/ the political party and consider themselves members
  19. who benfits most from the recent party realignment in TX
  20. In TX, the gov and lt gov are generally elected to office
    Independent of one another
  21. appointment of judges by governors are generally viewed as an attempt to fill courts with judges who
    share the same political ideologies
  22. Efforts by individuals to influence policies of the legislature and the executive branches is known as
  23. What is a political action comittee
    group formed to soliciate funds/ for election purposes
  24. recieve an email asking you to contact your representative...
    indirect lobbying
  25. Three candidates running in TX democratic primary for governor. XYZ
    Run off between X and Y (top 2)
  26. NOT a type of election in TX
    Regional elections
  27. Treasurer must submit regular expenditure reports for candidates
    ethics commission
  28. How long is early voting period in TX
    2 weeks
  29. Lesson learned from 2008 (Obama and Clinton)
    Some advantages to having a late primary election date
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