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  1. application for discretionary review
    request for texas court of criminal appeals review, which is granted if four judges agree
  2. constitutional county court
    constitutional mandated court of criminal and civil matters
  3. court of appeals
    intermediate appellate court for criminal and civil appeals
  4. district court
    court of general juridiction for serious crimes and high dollar civil cases
  5. Municiple court
    city court with limited criminal jurisdiction
  6. texas court of criminal appeals
    court of last resort in criminal cases
  7. texas supreme court
    court of last resort in civil and juvenile cases
  8. trail de novo
    new trial, necessary for an appeal from a court that is not a court of record
  9. two conflicting views about appropriate roles of courts in a democracy
    Citizens expect more from court systems
  10. First courts in TX est. in
    Austin colony
  11. Almost every constitution in TX provided for
    popular election
  12. TX judicial system developed from roots in
    english legal system with some spanish
  13. TX judicial system incorporates how many levels of courts
  14. Municiple court
    City court w/ limited criminal jurisdiction
  15. most cases in TX municiple courts involve
    Traffic and parking
  16. local county trial court for minor criminal offfenses and civil suits
    Justice of the Peace courts
  17. new trial
    trial de novo
  18. statutory county courts are also known as
    county courts at law
  19. how many court of appeals
  20. intermediate courts of appeals heard by
    3 justices
  21. court of last resort
    membership includes?
    formal request
    • court of criminal appeals
    • chief justice and 8 other justices
    • petition for review
  22. Current texas Supreme Court Chief Justice
    Wallace B Jefferson
  23. Criticism of the partisan process of electing judges in TX
    Lack of African Americans and Hispanics
  24. Role of TX courts of appeal is to look for
    review record of trial court
  25. If a person is convicted of the death penalty in TX, conviction is automatically appealed to
    Court of criminal appeals
  26. Included in Judicial Campaign Fairness Act of 1995
    individuals can contribut $5000 per election under that act, 30000 for supreme court candidates
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