Human Anatomy Lab: Cranial and Spinal Nerve Functions

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  1. I Olfactory nerve
  2. II Optic nerve
  3. III Oculomotor nerve
    • 4 intrinsic eye muscles
    • Levator superioris
    • Constricts pupils
  4. IV Trochlear nerve
    Superior oblique eye muscle
  5. V Trigeminal nerve
    • General sensory to entire face, most of oral cavity, teeth, anterior 2/3 of tongue
    • Muscles of mastication
  6. VI Abducens nerve
    Lateral rectus eye muscle
  7. VII Facial nerve
    • Taste of anterior 2/3 of tongue
    • Muscels of facial expression
    • Innervates lacrimal, submandibular and sublingual gland
  8. VIII Vestibulocochlear nerve
    Hearing and equilibrium
  9. IX Glossopharyngeal nerve
    • Touch and taste to posterior 1/3 of tongue
    • One pharyngeal muscle
    • Innervates parotid and salivary gland
  10. X Vagus nerve
    • Visceral sensory from carotid bodies, heart, lungs, and most abdominal organs
    • Pharyngeal/laryngeal muscles
  11. XI Accessory nerve
    • Trapezius muscle
    • Sternocleidomastoid
  12. XII Hypoglossal nerve
    Intrinsic and extrinsic tongue muscles
  13. Axillary nerve
    Innervates muscles of shoulder
  14. Radial nerve
    Innervates extensors of the forearm
  15. Musculocutaneous nerve
    Innervates flexors of the forearm
  16. Median nerve
    Innervates flexors of wrist
  17. Ulnar nerve
    Innervates flexors of the hand
  18. Femoral nerve
    Innervates anterior muscles of the thigh
  19. Superior gluteal nerve
    Innervates abductor muscles of thigh
  20. Inferior gluteal nerve
    Innervates extensors of coxal joint
  21. Sciatic nerve
    Innervates hamstrings
  22. Common fibular nerve
    innervates skin of anterior surface of the leg
  23. Tibial nerve
    Innervates posterior surface of leg
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