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  1. Annexation
    enlargement of cities corporate by limits by incorporating surrounding territory to the city
  2. charter school
    public schools that have flexibility from state regulations in order to encourage innovations in educational programs
  3. city commission
    a form of government in which elected members serve on the legislative body and also serve as head administration of city programs
  4. commissioners court
    the legislative body of a courty in Texas
  5. council manager
    a form of government in which the city council and mayor hire a professional manager to run the city
  6. county attorney
    elected official serving as the legal officer for the county govt and also a criminal prosectuor
  7. county auditor
    official appointed by a district judge to audit court finances
  8. county clerk
    elected official who serves as a clerk for the commissioners court and for county records
  9. county commissioner
    elected official who serves on the county legislative body
  10. county judge
    elected official who is the chief administrative officer of the county government
  11. district attorney
    elected official whoprosecutes criminal cases
  12. district clerk
    elected official who is responsible for keeping the records for the district court
  13. home rule
    the right and authority of a local government to govern itself rather than have a state govern it
  14. local government code
    the texas statutory code containing state laws about local gov
  15. single member district
    election system in which a legislator runs from and represents one district rather than the entire geographic area encompassed by the gov
  16. strong mayor council
    form of gov w/ a strong mayor
  17. weak mayor council
    form of ogv in which mayor has no more power than any other member in council
  18. How many city council districts does San Antonio have
  19. TX has how many counties
  20. Legislative body of a county in TX is known as the
    commissioner court
  21. authority of TX county gov established
    local gov code
  22. local gov code contains
    state laws about local govs
  23. legal right to adopt ordinances covering a wide array of subject areas is known as
    general ordinance making authority
  24. most significant portion of county revenue comes from
    property taxes
  25. enlargement of a citys corporate limits by incorporating sorrounding territory
  26. extraterritorial jurisdiction
    area outside citys boundary
  27. election system in which candidate represents one district
    single member district
  28. special districts in TX usually focous on
    ONE function
  29. Municiple utility districts are usually created at the request of
  30. public school systems in TX are run by
    the state
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