States of Matter

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  1. Define change of state (phase transition)
    The change of a substance from one state of matter to another
  2. Define phase
    the homogenous portion of a system; a given state of a substance or solution
  3. Define melting
    The change of a solid to a liquid state; fusion
  4. Define freezing
    The change of a liquid to the solid state
  5. Define vaporization
    The change of a solid or a liquid to the vapor phase
  6. Define sublimation
    The change of a solid directly to the vapor phase
  7. Define condensation
    The change of a gas to either the liquid or solid phase
  8. Define deposition
    The change of a vapor to the solid phase
  9. Define liquifaction
    The change of a substance that is normally a gas to the liquid phase
  10. Define vapor pressure
    The partial pressure of the vapor over a liquid (or some solids) measured at equilibrium
  11. Define dynamic equilibrium
    The state of a system in which the rates of two opposing molecular processes (e.g. vaporization and condensation) are equal and are occurring continuously
  12. Define volatile
    This is a property of liquids and solids with a relatively high vapor pressure at normal temperatures
  13. Define boiling point
    The temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liquid equals the pressure exerted on the liquid (e.g. atmospheric pressure)
  14. Define normal boiling point
    The boiling point of a liquid at 1atm
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