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  1. Baby Boom
    The cause of the dramatic population increase of 1940's and 1950's
  2. Sunbelt
    The States of the South and West that became the focus of the economic boom after 1950
  3. Jospeh Stalin
    The tough leader whose violation of agreementsand insistence on establishing a sphere of influence in Eastern Eurpoe helped launch the Cold War
  4. Berlin
    Territory deep inside the Sovit zone of Germany that was itself divided into 4 zones of occupation
  5. Iran
    Oil-rich Middle Eastern nation that became an early focal point of Soviet-American conflict.
  6. George F. Kennan
    Brilliant US specialist on the Soviet Union and orginator of the theory that US policy should "contain" the Soviet Union
  7. Greece
    Southern European nation whose threatened fall to communism in 1947 precipitated the Truman doctrine
  8. Geroge C. Marshall
    Originator of a massive program for the ecomic relief and recovery of devestated Europe
  9. Japan
    Nation that was effectively converted from dictatorship to democracy by the strong leadership of General Douglas MacArthur
  10. Nurmberg
    Site of a series of controversial war-crimes trials that led to the execution of 12 Nazi leaders
  11. Richard Nixon
    Yong California congressman whose investigation of Alger Hiss spurred fears of communist influence in America
  12. Joseph McCarthy
    Wisconsin senator whose charges of communist infiltration of the US gov. deepened the antired atmosphere of the early 1950's
  13. Henry A. Wallace
    Former vice president of the US whose 1948 campaign as pro-Soviet liberal split the Democratic party
  14. Yalu River
    Boundary between Korea and China, where the approach of US troops in 1950 brought the Communist Chinese into the Korean War
  15. Douglas MacArthur
    American military commander in Korea, fired by President Harry Truman
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