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  1. Must be electronically stimulated to contract
    Skeletal Muscles
  2. Where heart muscle depolarize spontaneously in the absence of external stimulation
  3. Due to plasma membranes that have reducred permebility to potassium ions but still allow sodium ions to leak into cells
    Causes of Automaticity
  4. Allow calcium entry from extra cellular fluid
    Fast calcium channels
  5. Spontaneous depolarization-repolarization events occur in a regular and continous manner in cardiac muscle
  6. Increases the rate and dorce of contraction of heart
    Sympathetic Nervous system
  7. Decrease the depolarization rhythm of the SA node and slows excitation through the AV node
    Vagal Nerve (PNS)
  8. When excessive vagal stimulation occurs and heart stop beating. Agter a short period the ventricle begins to beat again
    Vagal Escape
  9. chemicals, hormones,ions, and metabolism
    Modifies cardiac activity
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