Test 3.1

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  1. cytologic screening test to detect cancer of the cervix
  2. 5 reasons why liquid Pap test is preferred
    • Reduces presence of pus cells, mucus, bacteria,& yeast.
    • Prevents cells from drying out.
    • Improves detection of precancers/cancers.
    • provides opportunity for additional studies(HPV,Gonorrhea,chlamydia)
  3. When is AutoPap used?
    after an abnormal finding, a second test
  4. Obstetrician who devised method to estimate expected date of delivery
  5. Abnormal tissue growth
  6. Doctor who developed cervical cancer test
    George N. Papanicolaou
  7. Within the cervix
  8. hidden
  9. difficult bowel movement
  10. determines cause
  11. 4 main guidelines regarding patient prep for a PAP TEST
    • Do not use tampons, birth control foams, jellies, vaginal creams
    • Do not Douche for 48 hrs prior
    • Do not have sexual intercourse
    • Schedule PaP 5 days after mentral period
  12. 3 main categories for reporting PAP results
    • Negative for Intraepithelial lesion or malignancy
    • Epithelial cell abnormalities
    • Other malignant neoplasms
  13. 7 Responsibilities of MA during prenatal office visit
    Interview patient to determine if any new problems occur
    Request first morning specimen
    Measure & record patients weight
    Measure & record patients vitals
    Check the chart for older test results
    Prepare patient for exam
    Notify the physician the patient is ready
  14. How can pregnancy be comfirmed? (ABCD)
    • Interview & prenatal health assesment
    • Physical examination
    • Lab tests (Urine, pregnancy, blood & cultures)
    • Other diagnostics test if needed
  15. Initial PAP screening should begin after a female is sexually active for _ years, but no later than when the patient turns __ years old.
    • 3
    • 21
  16. A ______ PAP test should be done once a ___ while the ____ test can be done every _ years.
    • regular
    • year
    • thinprep
    • 2
  17. At 30 years old, if the women has had _ normal tests in a row, she may get screened every _ to _ years unless she has ___ _____.
    • 3
    • 2,3
    • risk factors
  18. Women over 30 may elect to have screening every _ yrs if they also have the ___ ___ test.
    • 3
    • HPV DNA
  19. If 70 or older, women who have had _ PAP tests in a row and __ ______ findings in past __ yrs, & do not have any ___ factors, may stop PAP SCREEN
    • 3
    • no abnormal
    • past 10yrs
    • risk
  20. Women w/ total ________ may stop screenings unless the surgery was done to treat ______
    • hysteroectomy
    • cancer
  21. A pelvic exam is what type of exam?
    Bi-manual exam
  22. How often is BSE performed?
  23. Normal gestational period?
    40 weeks
  24. Visualizes the lower intestinal tract
  25. LMP
    the first day of her last period
  26. Assist the patient for the prenatal examination
    Supine position
  27. Sigmoidoscopy
    a diagnostic examination of the interior of the sigmoid colon.( Cancer of colon, ulcerations, polps, tumors, bleeding)
  28. Proctologic positioning for those who cannot tolerate this position _____
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