Hazards-end of chapter words

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  1. What is Adjustment?
    Changes designed to react and cope with a situation, such as the threat posed by a hazard.
  2. What is an Earthquake?
    a violent shaking of the Earth's crust
  3. What i emeergnecy aid?
    help in the form of food, medical care and temporary housing provided immediately after a hazard
  4. What is the Epicentre?
    the point on the Erth's surface that is directly above the focus of the earthquake
  5. Hazard?
    an event which threatens the well - being of people and their property
  6. infrastructure?
    transpoert networks, sewage, communications that are vital to people their settlements and businesses
  7. Lahar?
    a flow of wet material down the side of a volcano's ash cone which can become a seriouus hazard
  8. Natural disaster?
    A natural event or haazrd that causes destruction to property as well as physical injuries and death
  9. Natural event
    Something happpening in the physical environment, such as a storm, volcanic eruption or earthquake
  10. Plate movement?
    mainly the coming together and the moving apart of tectonic plates
  11. Prediction
    forecasting future events or changes
  12. Pyroclastic flow?
    a devastating eruption of extremely hot gas, rock during a period of explosive volcanic activity. Can reach speeds down the hill of 200kph
  13. Risk assessment?
    judging the degreee of damage and destruction that an area might experience as a result of a natural event
  14. Storm Surge?
    rapid rise in sea level in which water piled against coast more than normal. happens at low atmospheric pressure
  15. Subduction?
    pushing down of one tectonic plate under another collision plate boundary. Pressure and heat turns the plate to magma.
  16. Tropical revolving storm?
    weather system of low pressure involving heavy wind & rain.
  17. Tsunami
    Tidal wave caused by the shock waves originaating from submarine earthquke or volcanic eruption
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