Biology3 Lab6

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  1. community
    composed of all populations within a defined area
  2. population
    composed of all members of the same species within a defined area
  3. species
    composed of similar organisms which are capable of interbreeding to produce fertile offspring
  4. biosphere
    the entire living space on earth
  5. ecosystem
    composed of all the living and non-living things within a defined area
  6. biome
    composed of similar ecosystems
  7. abiotic
    non-living parts of the environment [temperature, wind, rain]
  8. autotroph
    an organism capable of otaining energy from sunlight or inorganic molecules
  9. heterotroph
    organisms which must obtain their energy from organic molecules produced by other organisms
  10. stem structure
    • epidermis: protective layer of cells
    • cortex: contains cells for storage [parenchyma cells]
    • pith: contains cells for storage [parenchyma cells]
    • xylem: transport water
    • phloem: transport photosynthetic products
  11. flower structure
    • petals: attract pollinators
    • stigma: receives pollen
    • anther: produces pollen grains which contain sperm cells
    • style: passage way for pollen tube to ovary
    • ovule: where fertilized pollen develops into seed
    • sepal: protects flower bud
    • stem: holds the flower parts
  12. symbiosis
    • a relationship between different species
    • mutualism: both members benefit "+""+"
    • commensalism: one member benefits and the othe receives no benefit or harm "+""0"
    • parasitism: one member benefits and the other member is harmed "+""-"
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