What I Learned 11

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What I Learned 11
2012-03-26 18:22:13

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  1. Dui4 bu qi3
    I'm sorry 对不起
  2. Bao4 qian4
    I'm sorry (apologetic) 抱歉
  3. ming2 tian1 jian4
    See you tomorrow 明天见
  4. xing1 qi1 yi1 jin4
    See you Monday 星期一见
  5. Mian3 fei4
    It's free (avoid fee) 免费
  6. You3 mei2 you3
    Do you have... 有没有
  7. Ni3 yao4 shen2 me
    What would you like? 你要什么
  8. Wo3 yao4 zhe4 yang4 de dong1 xi
    I want this kind of thing 我要这样的东西
  9. Zhe4 r bu4 jiang3 jia4
    We can't bargain here 这儿不讲价
  10. Tai4 gui4 le
    That's too expensive 太贵了
  11. Bu2 gui4 hen3 pian2 yi
    No its not, its really cheap 不贵很便宜
  12. ...ke3 yi3 ma
    What about...(bargain price/ possibly)? 可以吗
  13. hao3 ba
    Fine! 好吧
  14. wo3 yao4 zhe4 zhong3
    I want this kind 我要这种
  15. hao3 le
    Ok, we're done (ready) 好了
  16. qu4 diao4 yu2
    Go fish 去钓鱼
  17. you3 shou1 ju4 ma
    Can you give me a receipt? 有收据吗
  18. mai4 shen2 me
    What do you sell? 买什么
  19. zhe4 ge jiao4 shen2 me
    What is this called? 这个叫什么
  20. rang4 wo3 chang2 chang ba
    Let me taste it 让我尝尝吧
  21. hao3 kan4
    Good looking/pretty 好看
  22. nan2 kan4
    Not good looking /ugly (difficulty looking) 难看
  23. gou3 jiao4
    a dog's bark 狗叫

What would you like to do?

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