What I Learned 12

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  1. Bu4 hao3 yi4 si
    I'm sorry (embarrassed) 不好意思
  2. Wo3 de cuo4
    It's my fault/mistake 我的错
  3. yi2 hui4 r jian4
    See you soon 一会儿见
  4. Song4 gei3 ni3
    It's free (give you) 送给你
  5. O4 zhe4 li mei2 you3
    Oh,we don't have that here 哦这里没有
  6. Neng2 bu4 neng2 pian2 yi dian3 r
    Can you give me a discount? 能不能便宜点儿
  7. Duo1 shao qian2
    How much does it cost? 多少钱
  8. ...xing ma
    What about...(bargain price/to go)? 行吗
  9. wo3 yao4 zhe4 ge de yiban4
    I want half of this 我要这个的一半
  10. gou4 le
    That's enough 够了
  11. yi4 xie1
    some/any 一些
  12. zhe4 shi4 shen2 me (dong1 xi)
    What is this (thing)? 这是什么东西
  13. you3 shen2 me yong4
    What's it for? 有什么用
  14. rang4 wo3 ting1 ting ba
    Let me hear it 让我听听吧
  15. rang4 wo3 mo1 mo ba
    Let me touch it 让我摸摸吧
  16. neng2 shi4 yi2 xia4 ma
    Can I try it? 能试一下吗
  17. wo3 kan4
    Let me see/think 我看
  18. hao3 wen2
    Good smelling 好闻
  19. bu4 hao3 kan4
    not good looking / ugly 不好看
  20. nan2 ting1
    terrible sounding 难听
  21. ta1 jiao4 wo3 lai2
    He asked me to come 他叫我来
  22. ta1 jiao4 ni3
    He's calling. / He's shouting for you. 他叫你

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