What I Learned 13

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  1. Mei2 guan1 xi
    It's ok 没关系
  2. Tai4 dui4 bu qi3 le
    I'm very sorry 太对不起了
  3. hui2 tou2 jian4
    See you later 回头见
  4. dao4 shi2 hou jian4
    See you then 到时候几
  5. xia4 ci4 jian4
    See you next time 下次见
  6. xia4 ge4 yue4 jian4
    See you next month 下个月见
  7. Wo3 xiang3 mai3
    I want to buy ... 我想买
  8. Mai3 shen2 me
    What would you like? (Buy) 买什么
  9. Wo3 kan4 kan
    I'm just looking 我看看
  10. Wo3 yao4 zhe4 ge
    I want this 我要这个
  11. Neng2 you hui4 dian3 r ma?
    Can you give me a discount? (Preferential treatment) 能优惠点儿吗
  12. Zhe4 shi4 gu4 ding jia4
    This is a fixed price 这是固定价
  13. Neng2 pian2 yi yidian3 r ma
    Can you give me a discount? (Can little cheaper) 能便宜一点儿吗
  14. bu4 xing! ... zui4 di1 le
    No! (Bargain price), that's the lowest price. 不行最低了
  15. ni3 you3 na3 ji3 zhong3
    What kinds do you have? 你有哪几种
  16. yigong4 duo1 shao qian2
    What's the total price? 一共多少钱
  17. ke3 yi3 le
    Ok, we're done (can) 可以了
  18. jiu4 zhe4 xie1 ba
    Just these 就这些吧
  19. wo3 kao3 lv4
    I want to think about it 我考虑
  20. you3 mei2 you3...
    Do you have any...? 有没有
  21. rang4 wo3 kan4 kan bad
    Let me look at it 让我看看吧
  22. rang4 wo3 wen2 wen ba
    Let me smell it 让我闻闻吧
  23. kan4 ba
    We'll see 看吧
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