OB Module 3

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  1. contraindication for tocolytics
  2. SROM prior to the onset of labor at any gestational age
  3. SROM prior to 37 completed weeks gestation, often caused by infection
  4. membranes ruptured greater than 24 hours before birth
    Prolonged rupture of membranes

    increased risk of infection
  5. infection of the amniotic cavity w/ imflammation of membranes before birth
    chorio amnionitis
  6. infection of the endometrium postpartally that may be related to chorio
  7. test for ROM
    nitrazine fern
  8. anything that leads to difficult labor due to mechanical factors produced by the fetus or maternal pelvis

    leads to long, difficult labor
  9. ineffectual uterine contractions of poor quality occuring in the latent phase

    force of ctx is in mid section
    hypertonic labor pattern
  10. must rule out prior to induction
    cephalapelvic disproportion
  11. less than one cm cervical dilation per hour
    protracted labor
  12. no change on cervical dilation for 2 hours
    arrest of progress
  13. planned labor process; we're manipulating labor
    active management of labor

  14. occurs when the entire process of labor AND birth occurs within 3 hours
    precipitous labor

    high risk of lacerations and head trauma to fetus
  15. sudden and often unattended birth
    precipitous birth

    high risk of lacerations and head trauma to fetus
  16. drugs used to slow down the labor and delivery process
  17. most common fetal maplosition
    persistent occiput posterior (OP)
  18. pg 698 figure 22-3
    malpresentation of fetus
  19. attempt to manipulate fetus manually
    external cephalic version
  20. pregnancy that extends past 294 days or 42 completed weeks
    postterm pregnancy
  21. fetal wt greater than 4500g
  22. palpations for position, fetal size
    leupolds maneuver
  23. lithotomy position with a squat to open pelvis to allow delivery of large fetus
    McRoberts maneuver
  24. placing hands on abdomin and forcefully pushing downward to allow passage of shoulder past pelvis
    suprapubic pressure
  25. only c section pt that can attempt vaginal delivery
    low transverse
  26. a bolus of amniotic fluid enters the maternal blood supply
    amniotic fluid embolism
  27. kubler ross stages of grief as a result to fetal demise
    • denial
    • anger
    • bargaining
    • depression
    • acceptance
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