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  1. learning
    expireince that results in a relativley permanent change in the state of learner
  2. classical conditioning
    • when a neutral stimulus produces a response after being paired with a stimulus that naturally produces a response
    • example: ivan pavlov expirements with the dog and the bell salivating
  3. unconditioned stimulus
    • a stimulus is one that unconditionally, naturally and automatically triggers a response.
    • example: when you smell one of your favorite foods, you may immediatly feel very hungry. the food being the stimulus
  4. unconditioned response
    • is the unlearned response that occurs naturally in the response that naturallly in response to the unconditioned
    • example: smell of food, the hunger is the response
  5. conditioned stimulus
    • a stimulus that is initially neutral and produces no reliable response in an organism
    • example: ivan pavlov expirements with the dog and the bell salivating
  6. conditioned response
    • a reaction that resembles an unconditioned response but is produced by a conditioned stimulus
    • example: the condition response being the salivation when hearing the whistle
  7. acquisition
    the phase in classical conditioning when the conditioned stimulus and the unconditioned stimulus are presented together
  8. second order conditioning
    conditioning where the unconditioned stimulus is acquried its ability to produce learning from an earlier produce in which it was used as a conditioned stimulus
  9. extinction
    the gradual elimination of a learnend response that occurs when the unconditioned stimulus is no longer presented
  10. spontaneous recovery
    the tendency of a learned behavior to recover from extinction after a rest period
  11. generalization
    a process in which the conditioned response is observed even though the conditioned response is slighty diffrent from the original one used during acquisition
  12. discrimination
    the capacity to distinguish between similar but distint stimuli
  13. biological preparedness
    a propsenity for learning particular kinds of associations over others
  14. operant conditioning
    a type of learning in which the consequenses of an organisms behavior determine whether it will be repeated in the future
  15. law of effect
    tend to repeat things we enjoy
  16. operant behavior
    behavior that an organism produces that has some impact on the enviroment
  17. punisher
    any stimulus or event that functions to decrease the likelihood of the behavior that led to it
  18. overjustifacation effect
    circumstanses when external rewards can undermine the intrinstic satifacation of performing a behavior; big head effect
  19. shaping
    learning that results from the reinforcement of successive steps to a final desired behavior
  20. cognitive map
    a mental representation of the physical features of the enviroment
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