571 Midterm

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  1. Overgeneralization
    making a conclusion on the basis of only one or more isolated events.
  2. Jumping to conclusion
    making a conclusion without evidence,r or when evidence contradicts the conclusion. mind reading and fortune telling.
  3. Disqualifying the Postive
    Rejecting positive experiencing by insisting they don't count for some reason.
  4. Catastroping or Minimalizing
    Exaggerating or shrinking the importance of an event.
  5. Personalization
    Seeing yourself as the cause of a negaive external event with no basis for making that conclusion. "it's always my fault"
  6. Absolute Thinking
    Seeing things as eitehr or. I must be perfect or I fail.
  7. A
    Activating Event. An event: Internal or exteral.
  8. B
    Beliefs, Self Talk what se say to ourselves to get ourselves upset. Predictions, Labels, Standards.
  9. C
    Consequences or our responses to what we say to ourselves. Physical, emotional, and behavioral.
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