Wellness Coaching Chapter 4

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  1. What is appreciative inquiry
    A philosophy, as well as an approach, for motivating change that focuses on exploring and amplifying strengths. Developed in 80s for organizagions by David Cooperrider
  2. What are the five principles of appreciateive inquiry
    • 1. The positive principle
    • 2. The constructionist principle
    • 3. The simultaneity principle
    • 4. The anticipatory principle
    • 5. The poetic principle
  3. What is the 5-D Cycle of AI
    • Define
    • Discover
    • Dream
    • Design
    • Destiny
  4. Define the Positive Principle
    Positive actions and outcomes stem from positive energy and emotion
  5. Define the Constructionist Principle
    Positive energy and emotion stem from positive conversations and interactions
  6. Define the Simultaneity Principle
    Positive Conversations and interactions stem from positive questions and reflections
  7. Define the Anticipatory Principle
    Positive questions and reflections stem from positive anticipation of the future
  8. Define the poetic principle
    Positive anticipation of the future stems from positive attention in the present
  9. When coaching with AI keep the following eight things in mind:
    • "You have what it takes to succeed"
    • "My certianty is greater than your doubt"
    • Speak the truth in love
    • Use AI to handle a client's self-sabatoge
    • Coach the client and the environment
    • Stay in a positive frame
    • It's trial and correction not trial and error
    • Remind clients of thier progress
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