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  1. DNA replication in prokaryotes
    • circular shape molecule, up to few mil. bps
    • SINGLE origin of replication
    • replication BIdirectional
    • Both strands replicated simultaneously
    • meeting/terminating at ter sites, producing 2 circular molecules
    • about 20min
  2. DNA Replication in eukaryotes
    • MULTIPLE LINEAR DNA molecules (1 per chromosome), each millions of bps
    • Multiple ori's
    • need special mechanisms to fully replicate ENDS of each molecule
    • several hours
  3. Issues to be resolved during DNA replication
    • 1. mechanism must exist for DNA to unwind and be STABLE in open position: helicase and ssBP
    • 2. Unwinding and synthesis create tension further down helix which needs to be reduced: topoisomerases
    • 3. Primer needs to be synthesized for polymerization to start: primase
    • 4. Both strands synthesized simultaneously, but in different manners (continuous w/leading and lagging): DNA polymerase III, replisome, okazaki fragments
    • 5. RNA primer must be removed prior to completion of replication: DNA polymerase I
    • 6. Gaps between strands must be filled: ligase
    • 7. DNA needs to be proofread for errors: DNA polymerase I and III
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