Civil War Battles

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  1. Virginia
    *People from Washington picknicked
    *Union commander McDowell ordered Gen. Patterson to attack Johnston in Shenandoah Valley
    *Stone bridge destroyed
    *Henry Hill
    *Jackson got his nickname here
    *captured railway junction
    *Crossed Sudley Ford
    *McDowell replaced by McClellan
    1st Bull Run (Manassas)
  2. Virginia
    *Jackson kept Union from invading Piedmont
    *Fort Monroe near Yorktown
    *Lee crushed Union at first of 7-days battles
    *McClellan launched campaign to get James River
    *Johnston wounded at Seven Pines, replaced by Lee
    *Retreat to Harrison Landing
    *Longstreet is badly executed
    *Army of the Rappahannock- McDowell's troops detach from Army of Potomac
    Peninsular Campaign
  3. Viriginia
    *Win for Lee/Jackson
    *Pushed Union back to DC; Lincoln replaces McClellan w/ Pope
    *Pope never able to combine with Halleck (Potomac)
    *Halleck lands at Aquia
    *George Taylor rebellion destroys Union bridge
    *Stony Ridge- Stripley and Kearney under Jackson
    *Union troops unable to take Centreville; Union forces trying to retreat to Chantilly
    2nd Bull Run
  4. Maryland
    *Started when Hooker's corps attacked Lee
    *Miller's cornfield and Dunker church
    *Assault against Sunken road hurt Confederacy
    *Burnside crossed namesake creek; A.P. Hill arrived and saved Confederate army
    *Halted Confederate advance on DC
    *Single bloodiest day of the war
    *Battle plans in cigar box
    *The Bloody Lane; Potomac retreat; Lincoln issued Emancipation Proclamation
    Antietam (Sharpsburg)
  5. Maryland
    *Burnside replaced McClellan - tried to cross Rappahannock
    *Mud March
    *lack of pontoon boats
    *Prospect Hill
    *Longsteeet on defence
    *Lee not ready b/c had split troops; watched from Telegraph Hill
    *Meade/Burnside are beat
    Fredericksburg (Marye's Heights)
  6. Maryland
    *Jackson dies - shot by own men and dies of pneumonia
    *Jackson went around Hooker
    *Cannonball hit the namesake house knocking Hooker out; Sedgwick retreated
    *Construction of Zoan church
    *Decimation of 11th corps under Howard; Jubal entry
    *Sedgwick stopped at Salem Church
    *Lee challenged Hooker's crossing of Kelly's ford
    *Sickles' attack towards Catherine furnace
    *Hazel grove and Fairview
    *Battle plan under Stoneman to raid supply/communication
    *Darius Couch
    *Intersection of Orange Plank Rd. and Orange Turnpike
  7. Pennsylvania
    *Farthest north of Confederate advance
    *Lee, Hill, and Ewell
    *JEB Stuart went too far away
    *Meade replaced Hooker
    *Cemetary Ridge and Little and Big Roundtops; Lee low on supplies
    *Pickett's charge through open field; decimated
    *Failure of Ewell's second corps to storm Union lines
    *Pettigrew's North Carolina brigade encountered federal cavalry; Culp's hill; Seminary ridge
    *Custer's cavalry forces on Cress ridge; mortal wounding of Barksdale when Harry Heth stumbled on Buford's army
    *Peach Orchard, Longstreet's delaying,
  8. Virginia (mainly)
    *First clash between Grant and Lee
    *Where Hill and Ewell held line
    *Spotsylvania Courthouse; repelled Meade at Bloody Angle
    *Trenches similar to WWI
    *Cold Harbor; last battle
    Overland Campaign (Wilderness)
  9. *Burnside built a mine
    *Battle of the Crater
    *Battle of Ft. Stedham
    *Railroad hub of Richmond
    *Coal miners detonated 4 tons of powder; ran out of supplies
    *Five Forks - Lee surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse
    *Beauregard was hero of early assaults; Meade and Grant go over 20 miles of trenches
    Petersburg Appomattox
  10. Tennessee
    *Named after a church at Pittsburgh landing; Sidney Johnston from Corinth
    *Grant had just captured Ft. Donelson; Hornet's nest
    *Johnston died; Buell and Wallace brought reinforcements
    *23,000 people died
    *Simple long meeting place; Biblical village "place of peace"
    *Seized Memphis and Charleston railroads; Owl creek swamps
    *Sarah Bell's peach orchard
    *Sunken road; Forrest came in and started Fallen Timbers
  11. Mississippi
    *Led by Grant to take Mississippi River; Sherman and McPherson; Union win at Champion's hill
    *Grant to brink of starvation
    *Four separate experiments
    *Grierson's raid to confuse rebels
    *Port Gibson; Raymond; Big Black River Bridge; Jackson
    *4th of July not celebrated for 80 years; surrender split Confederacy in 2
  12. Tennessee
    *Rosencrans to Tennessee River
    *Race to Chattanooga
    *Reed's creek; the Rock of Chickamauga
    *George Thomas defended
    *Deas forced retreat of Carlin from La Fayette road
    *Lytle hill, Glass' mill
    *Snodgrass hill, Army of Cumberland
  13. Tennessee
    *Rosencrans forced Bragg out of city; Hooker took Lookout Mountain in the Battle Above the Clouds
    *Thomas got Missionary Ridge
    *Craven house retreat
    *Cracker line, rail hub
    *Artillery of opponents was really bad
    *Tunnel Hill
    Chattanooga Campaign
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