18-2 Wisdom Literature, Proverbs

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  1. When were the wisdom books edited?
    in the post-exilic period
  2. When did the wisdom tradition reach its peak?
    in the post-exilic period, when prophecy ceased
  3. Seven Wisdom Books
    • Job
    • Psalms (counted by some)
    • Proverbs
    • Ecclesiastes---Qoheleth
    • Song of Songs (counted by some)
    • Wisdom
    • Ecclesiasticus---Sirach
  4. Sources of wisdom in Israel
    • International influenc
    • Lesson passed on from generation to generation
    • Formal education
    • Solomon, the founder of Israel's wisdom tradition
  5. How many wisdom books are directly attributed to Solomon?
    • 4:
    • Proverbs
    • Song of Songs
    • Ecclesiastes
    • Wisdom
  6. Characteristics of Wisdom Books
    • lack of focus on Israel itself
    • international; universal
    • sets forth rules of life and how human should behave before God
    • contemplation of creation and God as Creator: creation theology
    • questioning attitude about the problems of life
  7. Literary Forms of the Wisdom Books
    • Proverbs/saying (masal)
    • dialogue format (Job)
    • question and answer exchanges (Ecclesiastes)
    • straightforward moral lessons
    • comparisons, allegories, images from nature, rhetorical questions
  8. Hb. masal means ______
    saying---refers to proverbs
  9. Proverb is ______
    a sentence, usually in the indicative mood, drawn from experience
  10. Whad does the Lady Wisdom promise to those who heed her, and what does she do to those who don't?
    Lady Wisdom threatens those who do not heed her, but offers peace and security to those who obey.
  11. What is the antithesis of Lady Wisdom?
    Dame Folly, who offers stolen bread and water
  12. Whom did the early Christians identify Wisdom with?
    the eternal Son, the Word of God
  13. To whom are the passages in Proverbs attributed?
    • Solomon
    • Agus
    • Lemuel
  14. Where else do we find the theme akin akin to that where Dame Folly appears to seduce the young searcher of Wisdom?
    early Canaanite religion
  15. Two types of proverbs in Proverbs
    • pragmatic, secular, materialistic advice
    • religious reflections on the role of the Lord as God of Israel
  16. The purpose of learning proverbs
    to master life
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