18-3 Job, Ecclesiastes

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  1. Three friends of Job
    • Eliphaz
    • Bildad
    • Zophar
  2. the person who challenges both Job and his three friends
  3. another name for Ecclesiastes
  4. What does Qoheleth mean?
    • preacher
    • head of the church assembly
  5. Who is Qoheleth?
  6. What does Qoheleth challenge/
    traditional wisdom
  7. What is Ecclesiastes known as?
    the most skeptical book in the Bible
  8. literary device of Ecclesiastes
    reflection based on experience
  9. Themes in Ecclesiastes
    • the great gulf between the transcendent God and our human striving to understand and so control him
    • Life (both individual life and the course of history) is cyclic, without any direction or purpose (no linear view of history)
    • the problem of evil
  10. What might Song of Songs have been?
    a love poem or wedding song
  11. Why did the Jewish rabbis hesitate to accept Song of Songs into the canon of Scriptures?
    because of its lusty nature
  12. What made the Jewish rabbis assent to include Song of Songs into the canon/
    belief that the Song of Songs allegorically describes the Lord's love for Israel
  13. How is the Song of Songs extremely influential in Christian mystical theology?
    It is seen as an allegory of the love of Christ for the Church, or for the soul of the individual believer.
  14. What is the longest Wisdom Book (excluding the Psalms)?
    Ecclesiasticus (Sirach)
  15. the Authorship of Ecclesiasticus
    The author or translator is a Jew who arrived in Egypt in 132 BC and then began translating his grandfather's book from Hebrew into Greek.
  16. What is the dating of the original Hebrew text of Ecclesiasticus?
    190 and 175 BC
  17. Where have fragments of the Hebrew text of Ecclesiasticus been found?
    Cairo, Palestine, Qumran
  18. Why did the Jewish rabbis not accept Ecclesiasticus into the canon?
    because it was not from the time of Ezra of before
  19. What does Ecclesiasticus function as for Christians?
    It functions as catechetical instruction among Christians, who knew it as ecclesiasticus---"the church book".
  20. What may be the last OT book to be written?
  21. In what language is Wisdom known?
    Greek, and only Greek.
  22. Where and when was Wisdom written?
    In Egypt in the 1st century BC
  23. What was the significance of the writing of both Ecclesiasticus and Wisdom in Egypt?
    They reassure the Jews in Egypt that keeping their faith is worhtwhile despite the hardships of living in a pagan land.
  24. Two themes of Wisdom that make it stands out from other wisdom writing
    • salvation history as a lesson for learning wisdom
    • immortality as an explanation of how God rewards the sufferings of the just
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