Political Parties Elections and Campaign YAY!

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  1. What are 3 factos that contribute to congressional incumbents getting reelected?
    • Low voter turnouts
    • Services to constituents
    • Ability to duck responsibility
  2. What group does the term issue generalist describe?
    Political parties/ their vies change like the wind
  3. Describe political parties
    Seperate and largel independent party organizations who exsist and the national, state, and local level
  4. Whose interest does the Democratic party tend to look out for? The Republican party?
    The Democratic party tends to look out for the working class while the Republicans tend to look out for the "owning class"
  5. What is the role of party organizations?
    To recruit and select adidates to run in the general election, to decide the party platforn, and to mobilize its suporters in the general election
  6. What is the result of single member districts?
    Legislatures dominated by two political parties
  7. Describe Third Parties
    Third parties usually form around a specific cause, often force a particula issue on the political agenda, and may play a spoiler rold for major parties
  8. What has contributed to the weakening of the ifluence f political parties?
    The rise of interest groups
  9. How have primary election changed the roles of party organizations?
    They play a suporting role to candidate-centered elections
  10. What are some ways a poltical party in government might reward members who "toe the party line"?
    • Give them prize committee assignments
    • Additional reelection support
  11. What are some ways a poltical party in government might punish those independent minded legislaters of their party?
    By not supporting the pet projects of those legislaters
  12. What has increased within political partries?
    Polarization, with few moderate party members.
  13. Why are American political parties conidered weak compared to other countries?
    In othe rdemocracies party organizations retain the ability to select their candidates, parties in government have greater unity, and citizens have greater loyalty to their party
  14. How does one party identification affect him or her?
    Helps him or her to evaluate political issues nd candidates
  15. Define national convention
    A meeting of party delagates; primary purpose is to nominate presidential and vice presidential candidates and to ratify a campaign platform
  16. Define Frontloading
    When a state moves up their primary date so they can have more of an influence in the elcetion
  17. Define superdelegates
    Current or former government officials who attend the DNC and vote for the part presidential nominee based on their conscience; their votes doesm't have to reflect the results of their state primary
  18. True or False: Elections are candidate centered?
  19. What are the 2 phases of running for president?
    • The nomination (caucus and primaries)
    • The general election
  20. Why aren't primaries as accurate as they should be?
    Since so many few come out in vote in primaries, the one chosen my those who came out and vote wont aways reflects a parties beliefs
  21. What are some of the biggest influences on citizens' voting decisions?
    • Party identification
    • Condition of the economy
    • Evalutatio of the cadidates personal characteristics
  22. What type of system to the Republican have? Democrats?
    Winner take all; proportional
  23. When to the rule of the FEC apply?
    During the Federal Eletiosn
  24. What laws do 527'S have to abie by?
    The tax laws/codes
  25. What Court case helped to create Super PAC's ?
    Citizens United v. Federal Election Commissions
  26. Compare a candidate in the begining of his/her campaing to the end
    In the beginin on a candidates campaign they are more focause on party loyalist and the base of their campagn. However, once they win the primary they beging to reach out to a broader group of voters.
  27. What were some of the regulations under McCain Feigngold?
    • Banned soft money in Federal elections/NATIONAL PARTIES
    • Raised the limit on individual contributuions to $2500
    • Raised the limit on individual contribution to the parties from 20,000 to 25,000
    • Provided matching funds for presidential candidates
    • Political parties (DNC/RNC) cannot directly recieve money from individuals
    • Opened spending to INDIVIDUAL organizations
  28. Describe 527's
    527's are groups that can spend as much money as they want on issue based ads as ong a they dont support or oppose a candidate
  29. What was the Federal Election Campaign Finance Act of 1975?
    An act thay established a Federal Election Commission to enforce campaign laws and public disclosure of donors;limited individual contributions to $2,000
  30. What was the outcome of Buckley v. Valeo?
    Limits on campaign spending is unconstitutional on grounds of free speech
  31. Describe McGovern-Fraiser
    gave more delegates to minority groups and created super delegates
  32. Decribe the outcome of McConnell v. FEC
    Challenged the constitutionality of the new McCain-Feigngold campaign finanace laws which upheld everything except the par of the law that states minors could not make contribution to candidates and poitical partie s
  33. What was the regulations that was deemed unconstitutional by the case Citizens United v. FEC?
    The banning of political ads and commercial 30 days before primaries and 60 days before general elections
  34. What are the regulations for Political Action Committees ?
    • 50 Members
    • Give to atleast 5 federal candidates
    • Have a donations limit to $5000
  35. Define soft money
    Donations made to a party organization rather than a particular candiddate ( banned on the national level but not state level)
  36. Define 527 groups
    Independent political organizations not regulated by the FEC and not subjected to the same contribution limits and PAC's - issue based npt candidate riented
  37. Define bundling
    Gathering individual checks to donate to a campaign
  38. What are independent expenditures?
    Money spent by independent organiations- usually in the form of advertising- candidates must not have linsk
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