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  1. Fungi (3)


  2. what is a fungus? (7)

    -mulitcellular (except yeast)

    -absorbtion nutrition

    -cell walls made of chitin

    -storage material: glycogen

    - Lack of organs

    -reproduce by spores
  3. General features of Fungi (4)



    -fruiting body
  4. (funges) Reproduction by spores (3)
    -spores are reproductive cells

    -often only 1 cell big

    -helps fungi survive
  5. (fungus) Absorbtion nutrition (3)
    -secretes enzymes outside of fungi

    - break down materials externally, then absorbs fungus
  6. (General features) Hypha (3)
    -individual threads

    • a) Multinucleate or Coenocytic
    • *no walls between cells

    • b) Septa or cell walls
    • * fuzzy things
  7. (General features) Mycelium
    -mass of hyphae
  8. (General features) Hymenium (2)
    -area where spaces are formed

    -fertile zone
  9. (General features) Fruiting bodies
    -reproductive structure

    -bears spores

    -ends in -carp (basidiocarp)
  10. Classification hierachy of fungi
    divisions ends in -mycota
  11. Zygomycota
    bread molds
  12. Ascomycota
    sac fungi
  13. Basidiomycota
    club fungi
  14. Deutermycota
    imperfect fungi
  15. Division Zygomycota (4)
    a) bread molds

    b) no fruiting bofy

    • c) asexual reprodcution
    • *sporangium: spores
    • *sporangiosphore : stalk

    • d) sexual reproduction
    • *zygote (fertilized egg)
    • -inside a zygosporangium
  16. Division Ascomycota (3)
    a) sac or cup fungi

    • b) ascocarp: fruiting body
    • -cup and other shapes
    • c) ascus (plural asci)
    • -sac-like hypha
    • -8 internal ascospores
  17. Division Basidiomycota (3)
    a) club or gill fungi

    • b) basidiocarp: fruiting body
    • * not all look like mushrooms

    c) basidium : club shaped hyphae, 4 external basidiospores
  18. Division Deuteromycota
    a) bue green molds

    b) no sexual reproductive stage

    • C) asexual reporduction
    • *conidia (asexual spores) on conidiospores

    ex) penicilun, aspergills
  19. Negative aspects of fungi (2)
    • a) parasites
    • -living on live organisms
    • *fungi on people and plants

    • b) saprophytes
    • -living on dead organisms
    • *wastes, wood rot
  20. Positive aspects of fungi
    • a) decomposers
    • -breaks down and recycle nutrients in soil
    • *saphrophytes
    • b) mutualists
    • -two organisms living together, benefitting
    • *lichens: fungus gets food, algae get shelter

    • c) fungi as food
    • *yeasts and cheese
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